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Border Patrol Sex Review

Full Review by Ric

Okay so this one is a little out there, in the grand scheme of porno things. The fantasy approach has reached into the real-world a bit too deep here, where young Latina women make a deal to fuck while on the run.
Border Patrol Sex
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Yep, it's tough for these 18+ chicas that are making a break into the new land of opportunity – they are stopped, frisked, and given a choice of sorts. It's a real hard fantasy going on here and the border agents make a request that's hard to ignore: Put out or go back! How can the young women not comply by giving up their hot pussies to the authoritative cock?!

The main thing here is the build up and capture of said border-jumpers trying to get across into the Land Of The Free. It's the thrill of the hunt, the chase and the conquer that makes it all work – where the border agents take down Latina poon with the swiftness of a horny dick! As the girls are rounded up and taken into more of private area they are interviewed and propositioned on the spot for pussy spreading freedom.

Yea, it's kinda messed up and kinda hot at the same time. But these young Latina women are fucking sexy and are down to fuck right out in the open – in order to get let go! It's a hookup like any other, and the uniformed border patrol guys put the girls up against the trucks, or on all-fours in the desert sand as they plow snatch. They get blowjobs, and slip deep into illegal pussy, pumping hard till they pull out and blast jizz facials in the open air! There are elements of voyeurism in every moment.

Streams are the main attraction with a small, and letter-boxed embedded player. It works well for timeline scrubbing and has multiple bandwidth selections for playback. Though the streaming video is fixed in size, the quality options do make a difference. The downloads come in mobile formats, along with 720p and 1080p HD resolutions. But only a couple screenshot images from the video are attached to each video.

Though few scenes make up this somewhat taboo hardcore fun, the basic members area also has several porn dvd feeds and videos set up as a bonus. For all the hoopla concerning border control in this day and age, it's kinda cool to see these girls fucking for a cause… or, you know freedom. Plus, the outdoor sex and heat-of-the-moment style of it all adds horny points to the arousal. Check it!

Rating 8.0 Cool
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Strong points

Hot Latina voyeur porn, quality streams, 1080 video

Weak points

Very few scenes so far, limited photos, basic site
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