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Creampie Thais Review

Full Review by Ric

Creampie Thais is one killer site. Not only do they feature some of the hottest, most petite Asian girls getting fucked and creampied, they do it with quality video in mind! Thailand hosts some of the naughtiest sex on the planet, no doubt about it. And here they take on internal cumshots like you've never seen!
Creampie Thais
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The girls are likely masseuses and bar girls taken from their places of work into nice hotels to fuck and get cummed in. The cuties are maybe out of their element, but they suck and fuck like they are on the clock – and in a way they are. Dressed up in cute outfits with their hair and makeup done, some girls put on a strip-show before getting down to business.

A lot of the videos are shot pov style, and man does it look good! Like watching a tiny butt and hips bobbing on and swallowing your cock – with hot pussy lips wrapped around tight. The petite girls take dick deep like they were born to, fucking in multiple positions before they are cummed in.

The thing is, these girls are used to getting used. They have this blank stare on their faces as their tiny pussies are pummeled into oblivion, like it's just a stroll in the park. Some never even make a sound while they are getting fucked and the only thing you hear is the cum bubbling out of their pussies in the end. I suppose some of that is the culture they are accustomed to, where they are expected to serve.
After he cums, the camera gets in close so we can see the heated pussy leak and drip jizz. Some dribble the milky man-juice slowly out coating her ass hole on the way, while other cum loads simply fall out as fast as they were shot in! Some girls have to push and force out the sperm that was shot deep inside, and that can be fun to watch as she tries to understand what to do. It's just so hot to see the girl with her legs spread and a hot mess of cum oozing out from her just fucked hole.

Videos are served up in the wmv format in 720p HD, plus a couple of lower end versions in both wmv and mp4. However, the archive is set in standard definition. The videos look okay and transfer fast, plus, they have added in streaming video embedded in your browser for instant gratification. A bump in video bitrates would be good. Each scene also has both a screenshot gallery and photo set that goes with each session. A handy description has all the details about the girl and sometimes where they found her.

So far there is a good sized collection of Thai internal cumshot scenes. The site is part of an all Asian network of mixed hardcore and general Thailand sleaze for you to pound through. Putting it all together you have yourself quite the large load of petite-girl porn on your hands. Enjoy.

Rating 8.8 Wow
Monthly $19.95
Category AsianCreampies

HD video options

WMV: 1280x720 @ 3.3Mbps
WMV: 480x320 @ 1.0Mbps
H264: 480x270 @ 1.0Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 1280x1920
JPG: 1280x720 screen

Strong points

Great creampie hardcore, hot Thai girls, high res photos, bonus sites

Weak points

Somewhat low vid bitrates, not all scenes are HD
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