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Francine Dee HD Review
Francine Dee Date added: 08/04/11 Month: $24.95 Rating: 
8.2 Great
This girl is hot, no doubt about it – she is that special babe-caliber type of girl. Smooth and petite, large breasts, long hair, and an evermore hint of seduction in her Asian smile. A cute teaseful model that hides her pussy in almost every shot – yea you know the type. Still, Francine is a beautiful model that will put naughty fantasies in your mind at first sight!
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The site FrancineDee.com is like nothing you've ever seen before, or probably anyway. The design approach envelopes you into Francine's world with colorful and stylized imagery of her clever semi-nudity. The layout and navigation of this site is certainly unique and creative but does take some time to get the hang of. Generally, it's designed for full widescreen access, but sometimes full screen can be too much!

First off, the videos popup in their own light-box style streaming player – at full screen size btw. Immediately trying to pull in all your bandwidth and cpu cycles to play smoothly, the videos are shaky at best. Newer updates are definitely presented at HD sizes and quality, but the video bitrates haven't been optimized for streaming video at all. You must quickly pause and try to resize the massive fullscreen and struggling to play video. There is no other viewing or downloadable option available either.

Not only are there seriously bandwidth intensive video streams, you'll be pegging your internet connection's bandwidth limit for every media instance you want to check out. Even for the older non-high def video scenes I was bumping 2.5MB/s for stuttered video of the full sized stretched 4:3 image. Further the photosets pop up in individual lightboxes as well, which litters the desktop area with pictures – a slideshow would make a lot of sense here. However, zip downloads are available per photo gallery.

The Francine collection of photography is quite extensive, however mostly art based with a touch of nudity thrown in. There's glamour style photography, amateur based sets and stylized processed ones too. She is a dream girl that can pretty much make any piece of lingerie or clothing look oh so titillating, and she knows it. Her videos consist of photo shoots, or general sexy outfit teasing and dancing. And, oh man can this girl move…

Where the site really shines is the large webcam ring Francine offers from multiple cameras strewn all over her private house. At any time of day you can watch this cutie in her everyday life from her bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. She is certainly cute and entertaining and knows she is on camera at every moment for you. Often chatting live with members and taking requests, this is the purest form of interaction and Francine takes it to great levels.

Members are definitely treated well at FrancineDee.com and this may be one of the most interactive solo girl sites out there. In addition to live Francine cam shows and chats, members also have access to all her previous work from a variety of sources, bonus friend sets, contests, artwork and Q&A submissions, plus her twitter, journal and vlog entries.

Though not executed perfectly, you gotta hand it to Francine and her production team to really push the limits of high bandwidth internet porn. However, they've seem to have gone a bit overboard by not offering a lower bandwidth stream, nor any movie download options. And that really hinders enjoyment overall – the site is just so cumbersome to use on a 'standard' everyday broadband connection. Having said that, FrancineDee.com has been a breath of fresh air. Just get yourself a badass FiOS line with bandwidth to burn, then you can really immerse yourself in Francine's online world!

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Francine Dee
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Lovely Francine Dee, lots of content, member interaction, live cams/chat, layout/nav, price

Other Details:

• Member comments/interaction
• Bonus photo sets

No video downloads, serious bandwidth intensive content, mixed low quality throughout, layout/nav

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Photo busty Francine Dee poses in sexy lacy black lingerie
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