Date added: 11/23/2016

Hunter Upskirts Review

Full Review by Jasin

The up-skirt voyeur fetish is alive and well in the real world. The idea of peeking up a sexy young women’s skirt will always be hot! And though it kinda not a good thing to do, in this day and age, the fantasy is still well deserved!
Hunter Upskirts
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At Hunter Upskirts, the content is voyeur driven for sure, where the cam guy follows around women in a supermarket style setting. This is a real store with customers shopping, carts/trolleys getting pushed and fantastic young women in dresses and skirts getting groceries.

However, these girls know they are being up-skirted – don’t get me wrong, the act is still done in public with a total voyeur aspect going on. But still, an average woman is not going to let some rando get up and that close to her without a pissy shove-off.

Still, this is what the fetish is and the fantasy plays right into the hotness! Each video is a short clip that engages the young women in her natural habitat of minding her own business shopping. You see her in full view, but then you get that up close and personal up the skirt view too.

Sometimes she is wearing panties, sometimes she is not – and those are the moments we desire. The full crotch shot with ass cheeks squeeze in cotton or full on pussy lips and butt in sight! It’s hot to see, and fun to gauge which girls are panty-less from the start! There are categories set but none that say panty less?

All content is set up for stream and single option download at 1080p or 720p for the videos. The streaming player sucks with a never ending loading buffer screen, unless you stop it and wait for the video to load for a smooth playback. But these are all only clips where a minute or two make up the whole scene so you gotta get in there and take a look fast – even with the slow-mo replays.

Overall, the Hunter Upskirts dude is certainly getting prime trim for us to see, but then again this fantasy has a real world base of staged girls that don’t mind us taking a peek. The girls are all way too hot to get a real amateur-set view, and every clip ends up looking very similar – I guess that’s part of the Russian voyeur game these days?!

Rating 6.7 Meh
Monthly $24.95
Category Voyeur

HD video options

H264: 1920x1080 @ 14Mbps
H264: 1280x720 @ 13Mbps

Strong points

Cool upskirt vids, layout/nav

Weak points

Streams suck, short clips only, similar girls/content, limited categorizing, price
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