Date added: 06/13/2009

Milf Humiliation Review

Full Review by Jasin

Focusing on the older woman crown, Milf Humiliation gives their best shot at tieing up and humiliating these sexy gals. Bound and gagged, ball gagged, tit pumped and forced into submission, these lovely mature girls are finally tamed enough to fuck and suck like obedient housewives for once!
Milf Humiliation
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Similar to other sites in this network, the videos options are all fucked up. Everything that is labeled "HD" is sadly some LQ butchered format and frame size. The closest thing you are going to get to high def here, is the mpeg-1 format topping out at an odd 1256x704 framesize. wtf? The streaming flv in-browser player is basically the best quality content on this site.

But if you must download, take the wmv version. Having hot creative content is one thing, but trying to jump on the HD bandwagon is something that takes time and effort to do right. Milf Humiliation producers need to put down their ball gags and put on their thinking caps for this one.

Well the one thing in MF's favor is the content. Hot and fun bdsm style milf demeaning videos is the focus here. The barely older women are hogtied, gagged, forced masturbation, teased, taunted, and fucked so good in complete submission positions. Though a lot of it is for show, it remains hot.

The scenes keep the fun theme going, starting out tame and cool with reality type pickup scenes and then getting a bit more aggressive as they get going with the sex. All of which is very amateurish mind you. However, they do this whole interview type thing, working out safe-words with the models in the beginning that kinda loses the momentum of it all.

Each scene has both a screenshot and photo gallery and both are curiously cropped at a 850x850 resolution. Who's fucking bright idea was that?

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Rating 5.3 Average
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Category Mature/MILF

HD video options

MPG1: 1256x704 @ 2.5Mbps
WMV: 1248x700 @ 3.1Mbps
WMV: 512x288 @ 3.0Mbps
MPG1: 512x288 @ 2.0Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 850x850
JPG: 850x850 screenshot

Strong points

Cool milfy bdsm content, bonus network, quality streams

Weak points

Not quite HD video specs, mixed quality throughout, updates
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