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POVD Review

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The site here focuses on sexy POV hardcore with a twist of high quality 3D audio or rather surround sound effects as the girls are getting nailed. They recommend you wear headphones for your hardcore viewing experience for a total immersive effect at POV porn.
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So, this is a perfect time to break out your new Beats cans you've been showing off and plug them into your tablet/computer for direct, in your face point of view hardcore fun! The concept here is realistic POV hardcore with beautiful young women that fit the amateur mold – and also happen to love having big cocks in their mouths, pussies and assholes too!

The idea is solid and the videos are shot with a high end GoPro3 HD camera that is head mounted, so you are literally getting the first person shot of whoever is wearing the device. It's a surreal view that is coupled with the 60fps rate, so you get this floating-too-fast feeling when there is low movement or jerking in the videos. But this high fps a good thing, and kinda helps balance the rigorous high-motion hot sex tends to involve.

So yes, you know there's hot fucking sex going down in every scene – but what do you hear? Well to be honest, there is a lot of background buzz in the scenes – like AC fans and general unsexy white noise. But really who cares when you have boobs bouncing in your face and the all encompassing sound of cute, dirty talk as this sexy young-thing fucks you in the cowgirl position, so to speak. It's an all around good time, and all the oohs and aahs are accentuated in the audio mix.

Videos are set up to stream from your browser in both standard and HD labeled bandwidths, though the 540p player doesn't resize at all. Downloads come in mpg1 and wmv at 1080p and 540p, respectively. High-res photo and screenshot galleries area also handily linked, and you can rate, favorite and comment on your favorite girls/updates. Further, the content is also easy to stream on tablets/phones with a universal h.264 option.

Sound design is often overlooked in all things porn where on camera audio is often 'good enough' for most sex videos. Current high end productions include at least a boom mic where they can directly capture the girl's moans and squishy pussy sounds with clarity. But, I like this idea of putting sex-sounds into more of a spotlight to assist in the visual enjoyment of video. is solid and certainly excels in true pov hot-sex, where the head mounted cam is solely used. It pretty much puts you in the action of seeing and hearing what is going on as if you are participating. And since both girl and guy wear the camera at different times, you always get a fantastic visual and the sensory mechanics behind it all – down to the hard orgasms and cum-shot facial in the end. Recommended!

Rating 9.3 Excellent
Monthly $29.95
Category POV

HD video options

MPG1: 1920x1080 @ 15Mbps
WMV: 960x540 @ 20Mbps
H264: 750x420 @ 1.0Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 1500x1000
JPG: 1280x720 screen

Strong points

Awesome POV hardcore, virtual surround audio, hot young women, 1080 video

Weak points

Small collection so far, mpg1 format
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