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Videos Z Review

Full Review by Ric

There's a lot of fucking awesomeness going on here, but you likely already know that. Videos Z is a porn paradigm that cannot be matched – they literally deliver the best of porn, for lovers of porn. End of fucking story.
Videos Z
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VideosZ is one of the largest collections of quality driven porn you will ever visit. Multiple xxx-studios are brought together in one place, and some with their entire catalogs available to stream and download. This is pretty much your mecca, porn-goer of 2013. And being ten years old, there is pretty much no stopping this porn-force that is endlessly updated!

It's already a given that you can find almost everything you are looking for in the collection of pornography featured here. Big breasts, big asses, big cocks, big productions – yes, everything is big in the porn featured here, you know that. But it's all quality driven and spans amateur girl fuck sessions down to pure pornstar scenes that make awards happen!

Its a pretty great feeling to be able to find anything you like in one place. At Videosz, you can literally filter down all the porn content by just the sex scenes that arouse you. Maybe you want messy creampie 18+ blondes that do anal, or only milf double penetration – every crazy combination is available with all scenes tagged and sorted in an array of fantastic sortable porn!

And there is more insane stuff like the party style group gangbangs with DP, double anal/vag and total cumshot facial drenchings in the mix too. It's a choose-your-own method that will never fail. There is just so many shaved pussies, warmed up and wet with popped clits at attention, as those hungry holes just engorge and swallow big cock like they were made to. It's all glorious hardcore with performances by the best of the best. If you can't find what you want here, you are broken.

Plus, the site's layout and navigation need a gushing note as well. The developers behind the scenes literally put an ease-of-use function before everything else approach to your video pleasure. So all video is easily sorted and tagged by DVD title and segmented out by scene for playback. And you get screenshot previews showing you what each scene entails – along with size, length and total views too. Members can comment, favorite and like/dislike each scene as well.

Once you get to the video page, you'll see your first playback option which is streaming in the large embedded player. But take note, you can select a different option to stream from the drop-down menu built into the player. Flash and h264 mp4 options become available up to 720p, however all settings apply to the fixed 960x540 sized player, hd or not. Both 540p and 720p settings look fantastic in the player– plus you can switch between all on the fly. To really enjoy the HD 720 streams, you'll have to full screen to see the quality difference.

Downloads are incredible and fast too – I managed to max out my connection download speed, yet still browse around effortlessly at other slutty titles. Built into the streaming player is the video download menu options at 360p, 540p and 720p, when available. A lot of scenes top out at DVD qualities for download – those pillarbox lines are a dead giveaway in streams. And further, you can pop-out the streaming video player and scale the porno to whatever dimensions you like. Cool!

At the time of this review, there are over 800 titles in the HD video category, so yea you're likely to be busy for a while just in the high quality area. is a wonderful place to be for boners everywhere. If I could only log into one site for the rest of my life, if would probably be VideosZ. This isn't an end-all solution to a complete package of every kind of HD porn imaginable – but it's pretty damn close!

Rating 9.4 Excellent
Monthly $29.95
Category Pornstars

HD video options

H264: 1280x720 @ 5.5Mbps
H264: 960x540 @ 2.6Mbps
H264: 720x540 @ 2.6Mbps
XviD: 576x432 @ 2.0Mbps
XviD: 640x360 @ 1.2Mbps

Strong points

HD hardcore variety, lots of content, multiple video options, layout/nav

Weak points

Not all content is HD, mixed quality throughout
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