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Brutal Facesitting Review

Full Review by Jasin

Ask any girl, there is just nothing like a soft wet mouth on your girlie parts. However, like the male version, sometimes you just can't find men to perform for you down below. Well, at Brutal-Facesitting, they have eliminated that problem by forcing guys to work hard on oral pleasuring dominant women.
Brutal Facesitting
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But that's not all, the face sitting fetish is done to the extreme here, where the submissive men are really put to the test. It begins with serious femdom techniques, often getting the lowly men collared and bound so they can't touch themselves or the sexy girls. The mistress gets her dirty talk on, demeaning and humiliating her man of sexual amusement. Lucky for us Westerners, the mighty instructions are subtitled from their foreign language.

The scenes continue with dominate women making the obedient men cower to their every whim. Eating ass with deep tonguing, followed by slaps and aggressive hair pulling, the sub-men are put to know their role as the scenes get warmed up. The proud Russian women stand tall and have the men kneel and lick their pussies, force feeding their clits into the wet lips and wandering tongues. It's hot to watch and see the girls in control of every move.

Then the face sitting gets underway. Lowing herself onto his face, the sexy young women can really grind at their own pace on the wet face and flicking tongue. They are in no way gentle with their craftiness, and the guy's face gets a tremendous workout. Plus, there is some real ass stomping goodness where the men look like they are being suffocated – mixing pleasure with pain for all involved.

Movies come in high/low segmented wmv clips and full length up to 720p, plus a mobile ready h.264 version. The videos look good, however they are all mixed in quality, and there are no flash streaming options available. Also, not all scenes are available in HD, so as you dig into the archive the quality goes down to DVD resolutions. There is also a slideshow photo gallery with high-res images available for most scenes – however you have to go to a different section to find them.

At the end of it all, those guys probably have some seriously aching tongues and sore jaw muscles. Visually it's thrilling to watch a dominatrix just absolutely smashing her ass down onto her servant's face over and over. delivers some very unforgettable mouth-fucking content, you will be excited and aroused in a pretty unique way for sure.

Rating 7.0 Meh
Monthly $34.95
Category Femdom

HD video options

WMV: 1280x720 @ 2-3Mbps
WMV: 640x480 @ 1.4Mbps
H264: 480x270 @ 0.4Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 1800x1200

Strong points

Extreme face sitting action, hot girls

Weak points

Mixed quality throughout, basic site, not regularly updated
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