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Nitro Video Review

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The celebrity collection here at Nitro Video is diverse, with anything from Hollywood films to premium cable tv-shows and softcore porn movies to erotic foreign films. Yep, it's just the steamy scene from the movie, whether they are having sex or not. For the most part, general movies contain suggestive posing in bras and panties – adding that sexual element to the plot.
Nitro Video
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A lot of the time the sex scene in movies is stylized or has soft focus lighting used so you can't really get a crisp clear image of the couple going for it. Fast pans and quick fades also speed things up so you never really get a full on view of the girl and her rockin body doing the dirty. I suppose that's how they get away with hardcore fucking in movies as 'art'.

Videos are broken up into clips with multiple formats for downloads, plus a large streaming video player option. Each scene usually has a medium sized divx, mobile mp4 and when available a 1080p divx version as well. Obviously, since pulled from a variety of sources the quality is mixed throughout and some clips have better quality only because the source was an actual blu-ray disc and not captured from tv/dvd.

A nice bonus to the whole celebrity theme going on here is the inclusion of real hardcore exclusive porno titles. The Nitro Video series of hardcore porn movies is fantastic and adds another level to the members area. Full 1080 high def videos, with the same broken up scene availability lets you easily choose what parts you want to view and keep in your own collection.

The members area is basically arranged clip/scene with handy hover over previews of how the part unfolds. You can search for your favorite actress/actor or pornstar, but there isn't many details or information available. A nice touch would be to include the film's synopsis or at least a blurb about what the nude featured scene involves. Good looking screenshot photo galleries are also available for the films, plus real photos of the pornstar based titles too.

Overall, Nitro Video's celebrity and pornstar mashup of nudity and sex is a killer combination you should not miss!

Rating 7.1 Okay
Monthly $16.95
Category Reality

HD video options

DivX: 1920x1080 @ 7.0Mbps
DivX: 960x540 @ 8.2Mbps
H264: 320x240 @ 1.0Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 1024x435 screen
JPG: 1024x576 screen

Strong points

Great celebrity sex scene archive, lots of content, pornstar titles, streaming video

Weak points

Mixed quality throughout, no scene info, updating
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