Date added: 12/03/2014

Party Hardcore Review

Full Review by Ric

This is like the ultimate CFNM party site, with the very appropriate name: Party Hardcore. It's one big group sex soiree, where there's pretty much no limits to the hardcore action.
Party Hardcore
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Similar to other sites in this network, the setting is a real packed Euro dance club, that looks like a bachelorette's party on steroids.

Hot European women make up the entire crowd. While male dancers come through and do their show while stripping and flirting with all the girls – which in turn, are having fun with it. The dude puts on his striptease show and then things shift from shy onlookers to horny girls crazy for cock!

Select young women participate in the ladies night action, but to be honest they are all amazing to watch in awe as their counterparts take part in dick sucking and leg spreading sex! The whole show is loud, fun and horny – just seeing the look on the girls' faces as the dicks get whipped out is great. As the show goes on, amateur dance/party girls go from observing to condom blowjobs in the heat of it all.

Plus, the guys get the girls into more taboo sex acts with each other. Often gesturing for the cute girls to kiss or play with each others boobies while a third girl blows him. The girls happily oblige and that is basically how a sex party gets born! Soon after the cameras scan the club floor and show multiple girls and guys getting down with many more gawkers intertwined amongst them.

Sharing the same tools as the ridiculously awesome Tainster network, there are several streaming and download options available. The streaming video player takes a special nod toward usability, offering multiple bandwidth selections, a custom sized pop out viewer and instant timeline scrubbing.

Full length HD downloads come in 1080p, 720p and 540p versions – about half the content is non-HD, though the quality is still high and loaded with sexual chaos. Further, photo sets are included with each video, showing some hot imagery from the party as the girls suck dick and get fucked on stage.

What's great is they go back and forth between the attractive girls just dancing and the girls getting boned. So you can see the 'regular' girls watching and spying out the corners of their eyes the sexual mayhem going on in front of them.

Party Hardcore is reserved for the few that enjoy an unscripted porn party where literally anything can happen. It's fun to watch and crowd-scan too – the non-porn girls definitely get into it and make for some unforgettable experimentation caught on tape! Enjoy.

Rating 9.3 Excellent
Monthly $29.99
Category Group SexVoyeur

HD video options

H264: 1920x1080 @ 6.8Mbps
H264: 1280x720 @ 3.8Mbps
H264: 960x540 @ 1.9Mbps
H264: 720x540 @ 2.0Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 1024x683

Strong points

Hot dance club hardcore, lots of content, some 1080 video, streaming movies, bonus sites

Weak points

Not all scenes are HD, low res photo sets
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