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Pornographic Love Review

Full Review by Jasin

At first glance, Lilyanne looks like some sort of erotic gypsy woman here to trade your soul for sexy time. She's exotic looking and wants to portray a unique look – which she pulls off right away with those dark eyes, her dark long hair, and those strategic tattoos across her body.
Pornographic Love
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But in reality she is just a crafty woman that likes to have a lot of sex with her bf. Lilyanne's boyfriend, Max is the second star of the site and together they fuck for pleasure, like any couple – and likely get off on the exhibition of having an audience watching. Though, you will have to come into this site with an open mind, they are both extremely sexual by nature, which helps the attractiveness of it all.

Firstly and obviously, this is sensual sex – but this couple is pretty much just fucking each other's brains out. Like, that hopped up new relationship style where you're in gaga-love and your sexy-time is only limited by when you must stop to eat and sleep! The scenes feature lots of sexual positions, lots of passionate blowjobs, deep vag penetration and orgasms. It's pure erotic mayhem coupled with a love making arty style. Plus, solo masturbation scenes and a few lesbian play sessions add a bit of variety and depth to the similar content.

A big part of the hot-sex involves cumshots and creampies – the cornerstone of any loving relationship. What's cool is Lilyanne isn't afraid of cum, and willingly swallows it and takes facials – genuinely embracing and enjoying the sticky stuff as it erupts from Max. Plus, the cream pie scenes are messy and they always make it a point to show the gooey goodness on cam.

Videos are shot with care and utilize serious depth of field videography and sensual mood lighting throughout. They pull you into their world and mindset as they kiss and tease each other projecting their energy and hot chemistry. The main viewing option is a large streaming video player with quick timeline buffering allowing skipping ahead easily. The single download option is an HD 720p video in the h.264 format.

A nice touch is the streaming video player is switchable to a separate mobile device stream. So if you're browsing the site with an iPad or tablet, you can easily view the movies. There are also stand alone photo sets, with slideshow and zip options. Though the pictures look good, and follow the same sexy mood ambiance as the video scenes, they are only available to download in huge uncompressed images at 5000+ pixels.

What it all comes down to is an average couple sharing their open sexual life on camera. Exploring each other's bodies, pleasure zones and limits through romance and compassion. But in order to completely enjoy this site, you' ll have to be big fans of both Lilyanne and Max, and their deep affection for each other and hardcore sex. It's an arousing ride worth taking.

Rating 7.0 Meh
Monthly $19.99
Category Art Porn

HD video options

H264: 1280x720 @ 8.7Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 5184x3456

Strong points

Sensual hardcore, good sized archive, mobile streaming, quality media

Weak points

No user interaction, similar scenes, basic site, not regularly updated
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