About All HD Review

We are serious about high definition porn. All of our porn reviews are focused on HD adult sites. The purpose of this review site is to be very technical and informative regarding a pay-site’s video aspect. A lot of HDPorn sites tend to blur the line between having huge videos or high bit rates, and actually containing high definition spec video.

Here at All HD Review we want to give you an idea of what these HD pay-sites have to offer, and what you will be getting before you shell out your cash and sign up. Every site does HD a little differently. Plus, some porn sites have moved into a higher production all around with DSLR video shoots, 1080p at 60fps and 4K video too.

The break down of our reviews is reflected in an overall average rating system. For the most part all these sites have HD video available, but how they execute their interfaces, download/stream options and overall content delivery is what we average out for you. Read the review and find out the details of what makes the site work, and what needs to be worked on.


About HD Porn

High definition video is common in porn in this day and age. With such fast computers, high speed and available-everywhere internet connections it”s easy to see the differences that high resolution videos make. Over the course of years in reviewing HDporn, we have seen just how high quality video has evolved online and become the standard in porn it is today.

At first there was the rise of DVD resolutions at 720×480 and the switch to widescreen DVD at 720×405 – all of which paved the way for higher quality widescreen productions at HD ready 960×540 resolutions. Online video then quickly jumped to HD at 1280×720 resolution – and this 720p format is now almost a default for online video and porn sites everywhere.

However, as soon as 720p gained momentum, full HD 1080p took over as the latest and greatest thing ever! At 1920×1080, this higher resolution filled screens and defined an era of modern electronics – from TVs to computer screens to smart phones to surveillance equipment. As of 2015, full HD 1080p is so ubiquitous, it is now considered a low-end in terms of resolution.


DVD – 720p – 1080p


About 4K Porn

Today, we have a new growing trend in HDporn with the advent of 4K video. This resolution at 3840×2160 or ultra high definition, is literally double the resolution of 1080p. With four times as many pixels as full HD 1080p, the UHD format is by and large the most brilliant picture we have ever seen! Further, some 4K Porn producers shoot and deliver their media at the full professional 4096×2160 cinema resolution.

However, the best part about this new super high resolution picture is the improved color gamut. 4K video utilizes the Rec. 2020 range of color levels, which means more true colors are available and better saturation – resulting in a higher clarity and more vibrant picture. This expanded color also makes use of a 10-bit system, which simply boils down to more shades of the billions of colors available.


1080p – 4K

Regardless of resolutions, the formats for delivering all online video has always come in standardized codecs. There is the most popular varieties in WMV HD and AVC (H.264) – then there is generic MP4 and some DivX formats still used out there too. Plus, the unique H.265 or High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) is also used for some 4K content.

HDporn is still evolving. With Oculus Rift and other virtual reality outlets gaining steam in the world of interactive porn, the future of online media and pornography has no limits. All HD Review will be there.