Now You Can Sync Your Sextoys
Date added: 02/23/2016
by Jasin

The moment has finally arrived. There are sex toys now available that can sync up with your very own tablet or smartphone. It was inevitable really, especially with the rapid advances that have been made in wireless communication.
Now You Can Sync Your Sextoys
The technology that makes this a reality is called haptic communication, in which the the sense of touch is created by the application of motions, forces, and vibrations to the user through feedback technology. So where do sex toys fit in with this? Well, the answer is teledildonics.

Also sometimes referred to as 'cyberdildonics' – teledildonics are sex toys that allow for remote communication through exchanged data in which there is sensory feedback in the form of haptic technology.

How Are Teledildonics Used?

Adult entertainment companies are finding more and more creative ways to design tele-dildonics to provide a remote sexual experience with touch. They can be used in a variety of ways, including:

Syncing up a vibrator or a male fleshlight-type device with a smartphone app. If the smartphone app is touched, the vibrator moves accordingly.

Syncing up with porn videos, in which both men and women have their own toys designed for them. Depending on which gender-specific device you're using, it'll sync up with the motions of those in the video.

Syncing up with a webcam, in which the performer can control your device remotely. Allowing for remote sex with your partner in which you both have your own teledildonic sex toy.

Who Are the Main Players?

A bunch of companies are trying to make a big splash in teledildonics, especially since these new modern age sex toys are finally getting the attention that they deserve. So if you're new to the remote-dildo game or are just curious, here are some of the main companies and their respective products:


Kiiroo is a relatively new company, and they've made a huge splash with their two main products, the Pearl and Oynx. The Pearl is designed for women and looks basically like a sleek vibrator, while Oynx is for men and comes with a Fleshlight built inside.

Both can be connected to Kiiroo's secure adult platform through Bluetooth 4.0. It can allow partners to stimulate each other remotely. For example, the Pearl's sensors means that a woman can *ahem* pleasure herself or her partner while wirelessly connected to Oynx, which will respond to her movements. Kiiroo also has video content and interactive YouMeCams content that is synced to both devices for solo pleasure.


Lovense has similar products to Kiiroo, but their teledildonics seem to be even more advanced. Their three main products are Nora, Max, and Lush. Nora and Max are similar to the Pearl and Oynx, respectively, while Lush is an insertable wearable vibrator for women that is virtually silent when used. Lovense's devices connect through Bluetooth to one of their two apps, Bodychat or Wearables.

These apps allow for local control or long distance control and even offer the ability to sync to music, as well as have in app messaging and video chat services. While you can control your device yourself through one of their apps, your lover can also control it locally or from long distance. All you have to do is have your partner download the app and accept him or her as a friend. A recent app update allows both toys to interact directly with the other, no matter the distance.

lovense control

Virtual Real Porn

Virtual Real Porn doesn't actually produce any teledildonics, but, instead, they've reached agreements with both Kiiroo and Lovense in which their VR porn content is synced with their sex toys. Users will have to subscribe to their VRP service for a subscription fee and can download their POV-style VR porn videos, which are compatible with the Samsung Gear VR, Oculus DK1 and DK2 headsets, Google Cardboard, and other VR devices. Pair it up with your teledildonics from either Kirroo or Lovense and you'll have a true VR porn experience.

Teledildonics will only continue to become more immersive in the future, especially with the introduction of virtual reality content. Their ability to create intimacy for couples who are far away from each other or in a long distance relationship is unparalleled, and they're even good to try alone. Have fun exploring!

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