So, Where's All The 4K Content?
Date added: 12/11/2015
by Ric

Finally, just like basically all of the televisions that have come before it, 4K TVs are finally coming down in price and becoming much more affordable to own. You no longer have to mortgage your house just to be able to afford one. But if you've recently purchased one or are thinking of possibly doing so, you might just be wondering where all the 4K content is.
So, Where's All The 4K Content?

The answer may surprise you.

It's All About Streaming

Blu-rays that support 4K are only now entering the market in any measurable numbers, but the real source of 4K content is in streaming and downloads.

While you can purchase or rent 4K movies from Sony's FMP-X10 4K player or from the menu on a Samsung 4K TV, most of your streaming options comes from Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube, UltraFix, and so forth.

However, the bulk of the 4K content that's available is actually revolving around porn. Many of the major porn companies today are releasing their content in full UHD 4K resolution and will only continue to increase their offerings. One of the main reasons why the porn industry is so adamant about embracing new video formats is that the increase in picture resolution is something that its consumers have constantly demanded.

Porn is Leading the Charge

You might not have guessed porn, but if you know the history of home entertainment and video formats, it won't really shock you that much.

After all, the porn industry has been the one that has always taken the lead in adopting new technology. In fact, many of those who follow technology have stated that it was the porn industry that was the deciding factor in the home video wars in the 1980s between Betamax and VHS. We all know who won that battle, and it was partially due to porn adopting the VHS technology instead of Betamax.

While Sony at the time didn't want to allow porn on their Betamax format, the makers of 4K technology and television sets are certainly embracing it with open arms now.

Even if Sony or Samsung today banned 4K content from their televisions, it would not make that much of a difference to the porn companies. That's because the current popularity of streaming content means that users can easily visit a porn site to stream it directly on their monitor, since setting up a computer capable of displaying 4K has never been easier.

Some of the most popular sites for 4K porn are the petite driven Tiny 4K, and see Porn Fidelity with amazing fantasy themes in high production. For more of a kinky spin of anal-fetish, see the illustrious Assylum.

All these sites are subscription-based and update their content on a weekly basis, and delivery fresh content – where 4K porn is one of the factors. Plus, sites like Naughty America 4K are big proponents of 4K video, even offering the ultra high resolution in streaming formats!

The television and cable industry is constantly changing and adding programming, but for now, porn is the king of 4K content.


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