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AEBN Review

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It's likely that you've come across the streaming-smut stylings of AEBN at some time in your porn watching career. They have one of the largest collections of video on demand and their porn streams hit high marks featuring some of the top studios, scenes with exclusives too.
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VOD porn is what AEBN is all about and they have pretty much perfected the all streaming porn model. At its base, aebn works as pay-per-minute approach for the porn content it features. However, as options are the spice of life, aebn gives you so much to choose from with not only streams, but drm rentals and lifetime downloads of all your favorite pornos in the collection.

And staying true to the something-for-everyone porn-taste palette, the porn categories available here are vast and diverse. Common anal, lesbian, 18+, big tits, and milf categories are prevalent – but there is also more fetishy stuff too like cfnm, squirting, cuckold and bisexual in the mix. Yes, it's all standard porn with reality themes, but the various studios add flavor and fantasies that allow you to run with your imagination as you watch.

High definition titles have their own section which is handy, plus you can filter down the category you want to browse as well. The porn movies are presented for viewing by scenes – each with a description, a few screen grabs and a handy free vid preview to show what the scene entails. Then you can select the stream bandwidth for playback, from 240p up to 1080p bandwidths. In theory, when you select the HD stream sizes, you are streaming the high-def version of the video.

However, it doesn't always seem to work that way. First of all, regardless of the stream bandwidth you choose, the player that opens up is the same size at 900x600 – which is pretty much either scaling up or scaling down the streaming size you chose. And, when I selected the HD options, I didn't see a difference in the bandwidth used in my network, nor a real quality difference from 360 to 720 to 1080 stream setting – though a cute 'hd' icon does appear in the player. Basically, other than the lowest stream option, it all looks pretty good – but you are not getting anywhere near total pure HD spec clarity in the streams.

Having said that, the site works well just following the popular PPV format for streaming content; where you can just jump around the site and use your precious paid minutes as you wish. The minute-to-dollar amount is well balanced, because for the most part you won't be watching many full length pornos. Plus, the streams allow instant timeline scrubbing where you can ffwd to any point in the scene quickly with instant playback.

Another cool feature is the ability to link your AEBN account up to play porn titles on your Roku device. This allows you to gain the big-screen home viewing experience that you would for hollywood style movies on your own tv. The roku service works simply – you sign in and your whole account and ppv minutes are readily available. And roku or not, you can always download drm-free videos if you pay to own the dvd title you simply cannot live without.

Overall, AEBN revolves around the pay as you go format, and it totally works. Sure, there are some drawbacks like actual hd-quality content and some movies are labeled as Premium, which consume minutes at 2x the normal rate for instance. But still, you get access to an endlessly updating amount of porn – and even at the 200 minutes threshold, you can stretch out your view time to a few weeks. Just use a simple fap smarter, not longer approach. Check it out!

Rating 8.6 Wow
Monthly $19.95/200c
Category Pornstars

HD video options

H264: 1280x720 @ 4.0Mbps
Streaming video: 900x600

HD photo options


Strong points

Great all-porn variety, quality streams, layout/nav, large collection, roku availability

Weak points

Mixed quality throughout, mixed exclusivity, sketchy hd streams
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