Date added: 06/21/2010

Amateur Throats Review

Full Review by Jasin

Amateur Throats features hot videos where the lovely next door type girls test their throat limits and inch the shaft in their mouths until it reaches there gag point. The videos are calm and focused on the art of deepthroating that few girls have skill in. The amateur girls are nursing on the cock, knowing what they have to do and taking it slow, trying their best to get it down!
Amateur Throats
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The name of the game here is just regular girls sucking dick deep. The scenes are formulaic and begin with a brief interview with a full clothed girl. She gets busy stripping and the stunt cock makes an appearance to get the scene going. The girls start slow but soon the guy's hands push her head deep onto his knob. With spit oozing out of the girl's mouth as she tries to open up her throat to take it all down, she basically gags the entire time. Taking breaks for deep breaths it continues on till the full on facial cumshot!

Most of the girls really give it their all and pretty much make themselves vomit in the process. Which is actually pretty gross considering this is not that type of site. Or at least I think it's not. The girls that do end up tossing their cookies have a handy spit cup that makes an appearance so they can dispose of their up-chucks with some dignity. What a mood killer though, however, that may be your thing. Some scenes the girls don't even deep throat at all and merely suck dick, so I guess that's more variety for you.

HD videos are only available in full length forms. This isn't too big of deal though because the site is fast, and transfers are quick! 1080p video is in both wmv and h264, along with two low end wmv and ipod versions. The wmv hd videos look great. Sadly, they totally failed with the HD h264 versions, encoding them with way low bitrates – blocky pixelated trash for them. Ah well, just stick to the wmv formats. The entire scene is also available in 1-min mpeg1 segments with handy screenshot previews of the action. An embedded flash streaming video player rounds out the excessive amount of video formats.

In true amateur fashion, only a couple of scenes have photos to go along with the video. Also, the images are cropped to a weird almost square resolution. You also get some tiny screenshot galleries in the mix too. This is a fairly new site, so the collection is still being built up. And although they have some great real amateur girls learning the art of deep throating before our very eyes, Amateur Throats still needs some overall site adjustments to up the ranks.

Rating 7.3 Okay
Monthly $29.95
Category AmateurBlowjobs

HD video options

WMV: 1920x1080 @ 7.0Mbps
MP4: 1920x1080 @ 2.3Mbps
MPG1: 720x480 @ 2.0Mbps
MP4: 720x400 @ 1.7Mbps
WMV: 640x480 @ 2.3Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 1440x960
JPG: 748x420 screenshot

Strong points

Amateur deepthroaters, multiple video formats, 1080 video, price

Weak points

Few scenes so far, few photo sets, mixed quality throughout, somewhat low bitrates
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