Date added: 11/23/2015

Bad Tow Truck Review

Full Review by Jasin

Sure, the reality porn racket has come a long way since the bang-bus days of fucking in a moving vehicle for rides. But Bad Tow Truck is literally fucking in a truck… again. However this time the theme puts forth another fantasy in your brain of pickup sex with hidden cams.
Bad Tow Truck
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Yea, this is one micro fetish type of scenario where the girls in distress of having their cars towed are put in the position where they have to say the phrase: I will do anything it takes for you to let me go – and then, get taken up on that exact thing! Yes, it's wildly outlandish, but that's not to say it doesn't happen. And so here we are with a new in-vehicle hookup fuck scenario.

The thing is, these are good amateur girls that are just in a bad spot with their cars – or you know, they parked like idiots. Still, they don't realize that this convenient tow truck that comes to take them away is outfitted with spy-cameras all over the fucking place. Also, this tow truck has the deluxe crew cab sized, so there is plenty of room for sexy time to go down – and the guy makes sure the girls know the score once they step inside.

After they discuss possibilities of towing versus fucking, the girl ends up in the truck-cab and sucking cock to start. Some scenes end there with a shot of cum in the mouth for the happy driver and relieved customer. But mostly the scenes go further and the girls get fucked by the tow truck operator, who has quite the perks of just doing his job.

There is doggystyle, missionary pumping and in some cases a couple of girls lead a truck threesome to triple orgasm heaven! With those fantastic hidden cams at every possible angle capturing the dirty behavior going down.

Bad Tow Truck is part of the Reality Kings network of all things fantasy scenario hardcore porn. And like the rest of the network you get all the fixings for download and streaming video playback.

The no waiting streaming video player is quite the source for online viewing, where you can just jump instantly to any portion of the video. Downloads are available in mobile and HD 1080p resolutions, along with sectioned out clips and screenshot galleries of each hidden cam video scene.

The main thing you must know about is that it's a brand new site and there is a very limited amount of updates available at this time. Still, if you are looking for a new car-sex style offering, this might be it.

This is literally a fuck truck type setup with hidden cams doing the dirty work of making it sleazy enough to get a thrill going. In some cases they actually tow the car, so there is some heavy machinery fun to go along with the spy-sex!

Rating 7.7 Cool
Monthly $29.99
Category Reality

HD video options

H264: 1920x1080 @ 9.5Mbps
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Strong points

Spycam truck sex, hot girls, bonus network, 1080 video

Weak points

Few scenes, some lackluster content, low res images
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