Date added: 02/16/2016

Badoink VR Review

Full Review by Jasin

Surely, by now you've seen something about this new VR craze that is taking over all of gaming with the overly-expensive Oculus Rift, the limited Samsung VR Gear and the every-man's DIY solution Google Cardboard. But these gaming vr-devices have another fantastic use in porn. And Badoink VR has just what you may be looking for!
Badoink VR
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The whole VR idea works around the stereoscopic view of a video, which is blended together into a single aspect by the VR software app. At Badoink VR, they give you free access for this VR software to use on your smartphone – or if you are one of the lucky ones out there that has a working oculus rift viewer, the software handles everything.

The content at BadoinkVR revolves around hardcore sex scenes shot in the POV form. This is the perfect type of session to enjoy VR where you can kinda interact with the action and view what you want as a pseudo-participant in the video.

So what do you see? It's pretty much just a POV sex video in a circular screen displayed in the viewer. However, you do get to look around and somewhat interact in the fact that you can choose what to look at in the scene. For example, if the pussy penetration shot isn't doing it for you, you can focus on the girl's breasts bouncing or her lips as she moans out.

Each scene is unique with a tease session and oral fun that leads to the girls hopping on cock in cowgirl and reverse positions for the duration of the scene – only to jump off and suck to cumshot completion!

These scenes are available for all three mainstream VR devices available today, and the site was tested on the easiest, Google Cardboard. The cardboard viewer is included with your membership and provides you with the basic necessities for watching these double-view videos.

All the content is set up for download only, where you pick which VR-device you will be using, with either a high or low resolution 1440p or 960p vid at 60fps – to load on your smartphone for playback.

Overall, the content here hits the mark for VR entertainment, however there isn't a lot in the way of creativity with the whole thing – as the girls kinda follow a formula for the straight-up sex. The guys are obviously wearing the cameras so there is limited movement and positions to get into to make things look right in the VR viewer.

Still, has exclusive content that is specially produced for VR distribution – and does a fine job in delivering options for the viewers available. Though the site is basic and still growing, there is enough content to get things rolling.

Rating 8.5 Great
Monthly $29.95
Category VR Porn

HD video options

H264: 2880x1440 @ 30Mbps
H264: 2880x1440 @ 20Mbps
H264: 1920x960 @ 15Mbps

Strong points

Unique VR porn, multiple vid options, hot girls

Weak points

Small core collection so far, basic site
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