Date added: 12/05/2016

Box Truck Sex Review

Full Review by Jasin

That inconspicuous box truck you see in the streets may harbor more than meets the eye in any random European city. Box Truck Sex delivers a thrill for voyeur porn like you’ve never seen – where being watched is only the start!
Box Truck Sex
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The idea here is very similar to the bangbus style of mobile porn that pretty much pioneered the on-the-go fucking in a van style of sex. Still, here unsuspecting girls are lured into a mobile station of sexy time with a twist, of course. The girls get into a large truck that has a clear open view of its surrounding but a restricted view to the inside.

That’s the twist. It’s tinted with that see out, but no-see-inside film, so the whole sexy area is open to view out as the girls come in and share their nudity, but no one walking the streets can see what’s going on inside.

And what is going on inside this deceptive truck is playful swooning of young women that are picked up as amateurs for hot sex on a chic, parked mattress in the streets!

But, the see-thru truck gimmick wears off quickly – and once inside the scene shifts into a typical amateur-girl style smash. This is likely more of a mind fuck for the girls, as they have to watch the public scenery go by as they are nailed in the truck. This kinda changes nothing for the viewer.

As the scenes play out, it’s general flirt techniques of fun persuasion to go further for cash or whatever. But what it comes down to is hot sex with fresh pussy, and multi-position fucking with balls deep penetration at every move that goes along with the fun banter.

All content her is set up for selectable bandwidth streaming – though you can’t skip ahead in the streamer with out if just reseting. Right below there is mobile through 1080p FHD video download resolutions linked up. A full description of the events played out, and some stills of the scene finish out whats available on the video pages.

Aside from the real-world young women and playful sex approach, the scenario kinda falls flat. Once inside the box, it’s just another hot casting style ruse for fuckery that goes down until cumshot finales close things out. Probably best to see for yourself!

Rating 8.6 Wow
Monthly $29.95

HD video options

H264: 1920x1080 @ 12Mbps
H264: 1280x720 @ 5Mbps
H264: 854x480 @ 1.2Mbps
H264: 640x360 @ 0.8Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 1280x720

Strong points

Hot young women, hot sex, 1080 video, layout/nav

Weak points

Sucky streaming, similar scenes, reverse voyeur, limited photos
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