Date added: 04/28/2019

Boy For Sale Review

Full Review by Jasin

The young+old porn dynamic has always been a hot and taboo topic in the gay porn world. Boy For Sale kinda takes things into new directions with a BDSM fetish approach to the situation. And this certainly puts a new spin on things!
Boy For Sale
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The BoyForSale scenes are heavy into the dom/sub dynamic where the younger counterpart is in a total submissive mode, and in a sort of play-thing style for the mature dominant.

It's not a power struggle though, as the scenes are setup with the roles in place and the young men nude and often in the submissive position already.

Taking orders stoically, he does what his dom wants – from taking off his belt, undressing his dom, to presenting his ass up for further whippings and play.

The scenes are quiet and direct. The two gay men are set in their roles and fulfill them perfectly, with the only camera attention on the scene and a blackened backdrop. The obedient gay bottom takes it all and remains in an emotionless character, amid winces.

From whips to spanks, ass spreading grabs, lubed up fingering, dildo and hard cock fucking, the petite young men get taken through it all, and are finally penetrated with hard cock too! It's hot fetish sex and the sub-men are often used hard and then put away wet.

All content is set up for download and streaming. Though the stream-player popups in a whole new window, but you can select the bandwidth of the stream.

Downloads area available in 360p, 540p, 720p and 1080 FHD resolutions. Photo/screen shot images follow all updates too.

Overall, there isn't much behind the sale of submissive porn guys, so the Boy For Sale name moniker is somewhat off-putting.

Still, the sub/dom fetish hardcore here is enjoyable, especially with the petite nature of the young men at hand.

Rating 7.8 Cool
Monthly $27.95
Category Gay Porn

HD video options

AVC: 1920x1080 @ 9Mbos
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Strong points

Hot young/old fetish scenes, 1080 video

Weak points

Few scenes so far, few guys, layout/nav
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