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Bums Bus Review

Full Review by Marcus

When you hear something like Bums Bus, it may put the wrong idea in your head. No this isn't a homeless ride service, instead this is the anal hardcore you want to see in a moving van on the road with hot euro babes!
Bums Bus
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This is a common method of porno these days, where mobility is the key to hot fucking. The set up scenario is simple pick-up style, where the porn purveyors, that happen to drive around in a van, find hot young women to bone in the back!

Each scene has a similar intro, where the girls are needing a ride or the guys are swooning fresh trim to check out their car service. It's an interesting ruse to getting the right hot babe inside. But the young women know why they are accepting a ride. I mean cmon, this no special Uber!

The bus that provides free rides is all about the ass fucking! And the scenes start like you would imagine with cock sucking and pussy eating foreplay that leads to fucking in the backseats!

It's hot and raunchy sex, where the girls are spread and split open with cock on a bench seat in the back! The camera either handheld or fixed capturing the sex position changes as hard cock is plunged into wet pussy and a hot puckered asshole!

Every scene goes anal, but the cumshot is always a spectacular feat of pull out and cum on her ass checks, or pull out and cum on her face – it's a quick unload any way they do it!

As part of the Let's Doe It Network, the videos and available in the same set up with a scalable streaming video player that adapts to your screen size. This streaming player has a switchable bandwidths option up to FHD.

Downloads are available in the same mobile through 1080p resolutions – though only the online streams have subtitled dialogue provided. And, there are plenty of in-the-van ass photo options available too.

Overall, the site delivers what it promises in terms of hot Euro women getting stuffed into a van and then stuffed up the butt with hard cock! And with over 100 scenes of bus-ride ass fucking hardcore, plus the whole network of all things insane euro xxx-mayhem, yea I'd say this is worth the signup!

Rating 8.8 Wow
Monthly $24.95
Category AnalReality

HD video options

AVC: 1920x1080 @ 6Mbps
AVC: 1280x720 @ 2.5Mbps
AVC: 854x480 @ 2Mbps
AVC: 428x240 @ 0.7Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 1620x1080

Strong points

Hot mobile anal porn, 1080 video, network access

Weak points

Mixed quality/production, limited core scenes
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