Date added: 05/22/2013

Class-3Some Review

Full Review by Jasin

The Class-3Somes have a clever fantasy to play on your imagination as to why these young women are fucking together. It's a fun setup and the men they are paired with are often older and/or in an authoritative situation. And with a good production behind it all, the mood is set for a hot FFM three-way.
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There is slow escalation and sensuality applied in every scene. Lots of sexy kissing, cock sucking, caressing and tender care given from the girls – like they are not only sharing a man, they are sharing a lust. While one works on sucking his hard-on, the other indulges in deep french-kissing as his hands wonder over her soft breasts and plump ass.

The foreplay fun continues, as both lovely girls seem to just love worshipping his cock – sharing kisses and ball licking as they massage his shaft and trade off sucking duties. Each video is split into half being total foreplay/blowjob, with rimming, kissing and finger banging – and then half fucking beautiful sensational sex.

Also, neat feature in the videos is the slow-motion technique they provide in great heated moments of ecstasy. They slow down the video to give you a more intense look at just how much she is enjoying pleasuring the guy, or just how deep her wet pussy is getting pounded. The slow down adds to the overall sensual passion of each sex scene, and really shows off how devoted the young women are.

Currently, only the streaming video is the full length option available – all downloads are only offered in segmented parts in the wmv format. Newer updates have 720p HD video in high/low options, but the quality is low on all files. You will see blockiness throughout, which pretty much ruins the playback – a bump in bitrates would remedy this, however. Though fixed in the tiny player, the streaming sex videos are better quality overall.

Further, the streams are the buffer only type with a strong bandwidth limit that ensures that you will not be able to skip ahead in the video stream. Don't even try it or the movie will restart from the beginning – which is kinda of lame for this day and age. Additionally each scene has a high-res matching photo gallery with online viewing and zip download options to peruse through.

On a whole, this 3way site needs a serious layout makeover – the design is heavily based on images and the streaming technology is dated, to say the least. Still, the sexy threesome content is unique and sexy enough to pull through, offering a good passion to slut ratio throughout. And with membership you gain access to the Sensual Girl network of similar girls and hardcore themes. Check it out!

Rating 7.6 Cool
Monthly €29.95
Category Threesomes

HD video options

WMV: 1280x720 @ 2.5Mbps
WMV: 1280x720 @ 1.5Mbps
WMV: 1280x720 @ 0.5Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 4752x3168
JPG: 3072x2048
JPG: 1000x678

Strong points

Sexy threesomes, hot girls, bonus network access

Weak points

Low video quality, sketchy streams, layout/navigation, slow site
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