Date added: 02/07/2014

Czech Bitch Review

Full Review by Ric

The prostitution game is a whole different beast in Europe, and Czech Bitch is bringing the smut out from the wild. The for-pay hookup is done out in the streets for crazy sex in the back seat of a car.
Czech Bitch
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The friendly John is a pro himself at picking up pussy and drives around car parks and truck stops where the harlots frequent. Once he finds one to his liking, he haggles a price for what he wants to do to this slutty streetwalker. They have their set prices and the dialogue is subtitled into English – with handjobs, blowjobs and even anal sex on the table.

Finally, they agree on no-rubber fucking and the barter hookup is underway. The best part is the pick-up car is loaded with hidden HD cams throughout, so there is always a perfect angle for watching the car-porn go down. And this is one compact car, so both girl and guy have to contort to get going on using both front and back seats as they fuck in broad daylight.

It's slutty fucking for sure, and the girls start by giving head, while they are bent over the driver's seat. A quick shift to recline and she can hop on top to grind her pussy down on his hard cock.

But the couple gets creative and the back seat is utilized for pussy eating, rimming and even mish and doggystyle fucking! The cameras never miss a beat with low angles, rear vision and reverse views all mixed together as the fucking goes down.

Plus, being that these are Euro/Czech women, you're not going to see a totally nasty crackwhore in the bunch – all are relatively attractive young women of the night. Sure, their pussies may be blown out, but that's part of the fun of fucking hookers! And the sluts dress the part too, with tight clothes and signature stripper boots to perfect the whore look.

Similar to the other sites in the Czech AV Network, the content here is available in a large streaming video player embedded in your browser. Only wmv 720p and a low end mobile h.264 download option are available. Other than a lengthy description and duration time, there's no photos, categories or member input whatsoever.

Still, definitely puts a creative take on the oldest profession with an on-the-go voyeur theme that's done well. Check it out!

Rating 8.9 Wow
Monthly $29.95
Category RealityVoyeur

HD video options

WMV: 1280x720 @ 4.5Mbps
H264: 704x396 @ 1.2Mbps

Strong points

Great voyeur car hookups, good looking HD, streaming video, bonus network

Weak points

No photos, basic site, no categories
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