Date added: 02/09/2015

Czech Harem Review

Full Review by Dave

The idea behind Czech Harem is simple and goes way back into the animal kingdom of sharing females. It's basically one dude with many young women interested in him – and here, they have only one thing on their mind.
Czech Harem
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This is like the a reverse gangbang type of situation – where the guy has dozens of girls around him to fuck and play with. But it breaks down to him giving attention to some, having hot sex with others, talking to a few and some will just receive a fuck-you-eyes glance in the process. Yet, the whole premise works well for group sex hardcore.

Each scene is set up as a party of sorts, where it's just girls as far as the eye can see in the room – all surrounding the one guy – and each grabbing for his cock to suck on, while others kiss and work his nipples. In true harem nature, they are talking good things about this lucky guy, his handsomeness and his hard on. It's all a good grab at foreplay until multiple girls take their turn riding his big dick of poly-love.

Once they get down to business it's like an assembly line of fresh snatch, and this guy has to go through as much as he can! As he is nailing one, the rest are stroking his/her body, cupping his balls or making out in preparation. One girl hops off his cock and another instantly slides down onto his erection already wet with pussy juice! Plus, each scene is subtitled, so you can get in on exactly what the girls are praising him with and what the guy is thinking as he smashes vagina left and right.

The camera is fixated on the guy, as he moves through the group of girls and sticks his dick in whomever he pleases. Each of them begging to be next and waiting to get nailed as he grabs tits and asses in the crowd. All content here is set up for streaming video playback in a large player embedded in your browser. The scenes look good and allow timeline scrub, but only have two options for download at 720p HD and 400p to save. No photo sets are available at this time.

Further, each scene is broken up in to parts for updating and viewing, so you will have to switch to a new video to see how one episode finally ends. And, as part of the Czech AV network, you gain access to more hardcore and often amateur group-sex from the Czech region at no extra cost. Overall, the content here is worth watching from start to finish though. It's a hot display of debauchery you will not find elsewhere!

Rating 8.5 Great
Monthly $29.95
Category Group Sex

HD video options

WMV: 1280x720 @ 4.5Mbps
H264: 704x396 @ 1.2Mbps

Strong points

Cool group porn theme, cute amateurs, streams, network access

Weak points

Few core scenes so far, no categories, layout/nav, no photos
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