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Czech Parties Review

Full Review by Ric

Czech Parties brings you the ever wonderful almighty goal in porn – sex parties! Putting together a mass sexual intercourse party with several people, partners, drinks and a location big enough to house it all is quite the feat, though. However, being situated in CR makes the hardest part simple: finding beautiful babes to participate!
Czech Parties
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The scenes are set up orderly in a point of view style where the camera person is the host and interacts with everyone as they mingle in groups. What's great about each sex party is it's basically set up between college dorms of beautiful Czechs. The young women file in, shower, chit-chat and prep together – which creates this sort of bonding, like they are going into battle united.

There are hostesses along with the camera people that welcome the partygoers asking general sexy questions throughout. These are certainly real girls, amateurs and lovely in their own way. They are ready for fun without obligation – a few drinks, a few laughs and hopefully a lot of orgasms! Each party has a different vibe and as the girls get giggly with the alcoholic beverages, the inhibitions are set aside as their clothing seems to peel off!

Czech Parties kind of has the same feel as the similar networked site Czech Mega Swingers in the fact that it's group or party people banging in a social setting. However, it's not very strict to that concept at all – instead this seems more impromptu as to who is hooking up with who. So, you get that one girl that enjoys the sex, but has that omg-his-face-is-attached-to-that-cock look on her face the whole time. Plus, it's all mostly POV shot, so the camera dude is doing all the fucking and trying to capture everything at the same time.

Overall it's hit or miss but luckily every scene is subtitled to English, so you never really miss a beat. The long party scenes are broken up into parts, so you get an intro, with not much nudity, a middle part where they start getting down to business, and an end where cumshot facials are flying left and right and girls are vying for sperm! However, all of that is segmented out among several updates, with a large streaming video player taking precedence for viewing. Downloads come in wmv 720p HD, and a low end mobile optimized h.264 version.

The videos could be higher quality; you'll noticed lame pixelation in the videos where there is lots of motion. Further, there are no photo or screenshot options at this time for this series. However, you do gain access to the whole Czech AV network of exclusive amateur Czech hardcore – which is some of the best out there.

Overall, the unique experience of each scene is what makes stand out. Every get together has it's thrills and snags – and watching all of it unfold is fun! You can see real amateur-girls having fun, drinking, experimenting with lesbian sex, deep-throating blowjobs, fucking and just dancing nude for the camera. It's certainly an anything goes sex-party experience you don't want to miss!

Rating 7.8 Cool
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Strong points

Good sex party content, hot young women, streaming video, bonus sites

Weak points

Small core collection, irregular updates, low quality downloads, basic site
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