Date added: 11/15/2008

Czech Sex Club Review

Full Review by Ric

You like Czech girls right? You have to because we all do. Everyone knows of the beautiful women that the Czech produces. Every single one of them is a knockout. And now here is a hardcore HD site devoted to that! Showcasing the very lovely Euro pussy doing what it does best.
Czech Sex Club
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Videos are available in full length only, but in a few options. You get WMV HD and medium size, a small H264 version and a tiny ipod mpeg4 version. All the videos look pretty good. You can stream them as well, which is helpful. As the scenes get more aggressive with more motion, the pixelation appears.

What I really like about the videos is they have music in the background, while the girl strips and dances a bit. But then when the sex action starts the music is shut off and all you here is the natural audio; the natural moans and squishy pussy sounds we are used to hearing in porn. Nice work here!

These videos are really hot. The hardcore scenes have a lot of variety and feature anal, threesome, oral, solo and lesbian scenes and everything in between. One particular anal scene ends with a hot creampie deep in a blondes tight ass, then she bends over and lets it drip out on the tile floor, close up to the camera so we can see. The guy fucking her softly tells her to lick up the puddle of cum from the floor and she ever so sensually she does!

There are multiple categories available to choose for photo sets, like hardcore and softcore and lesbian. If only that were true for the HD-videos. No categories for videos, instead all of them are lumped together in one section and you have to browse around till you find the category you like.

There is a good mixture of solo, lesbian, and hardcore for the movies though. Still, Czech Sex Club has a lot of variety and features some very lovely ladies from the Czech that know how to handle their sexy bodies!

Rating 5.5 Average
Monthly $29.95
Category Hardcore Euro

HD video options

WMV: 1280x720 @ 5.8Mbps
WMV: 852x480 @ 3.8Mbps
H264: 368x208 @ 0.4Mbps
MP4: 320x240 @ 0.5Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 1600x1067
JPG: 1240x843
JPG: 1440x810 screencap

Strong points

Multiple formats, streaming videos, hot variety hardcore, lots of content

Weak points

Price, mixed quality photos, non-exclusivity, irregular updates
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