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Eros Exotica Review

Full Review by Jasin

Eros Exotica has a unique style and a sensual approach to hardcore. They are blending kama sutra style sex with instructional techniques, massage and pleasure. Couples are set up in Indian style rooms, clothing and expected to maintain the lovemaking approach throughout the scenes.
Eros Exotica
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Further, instructions are given for sexual techniques and methods for pleasuring your partner. The scenes are certainly erotic and full of sensuality with a distinct mood all around. Settings are luxurious looking bedding and carpets, candle and fireplace lit sets.

It's very inviting and enjoyable to watch as the couples pleasure each other. Light tabla style music is usually played in the backdrop of each movie and adds to the atmosphere. it's like you are invited into a private massage studio sex parlor.

Additionally, most scenes have instructional voice overs, where a soft voice speaks about technique and what the couple is actually doing. She gives information about the erogenous zones, and known methods for where to put your hands, fingers and tongue to excite and calm your sex partner. The scene do get hot as the couple makes love and they further the instructionals towards fellatio, cunnilingus, and prostrate massage.

Videos come at you in 6-10 minute segmented clips to download. Each part has a large screenshot thumbnail preview followed by four qualities of wmv and h.264 to choose from. I was under the impression this site contained high definition video, however movies here top out at DVD sizes. This style of content definitely deserves to be seen in the larger HD format though. All scenes are widescreen formatted but some are letterboxed, so the overall content seems unorganized.

Photo sets are more random as well, with only a few scenes having images. Plus, the photo galleries are mixed with still and screenshot pics and resolution sizes throughout. Having no high definition video is kind of a let down, however, the whole thing is quite different from the usual hardcore porn we are all used to. So the uniqueness of it all really shines through and is a breath of fresh air in the world of wham-bam-thank-you ma'am pornos.

This site is also part of a large network of mixed niche hardcore and solo girl sites – so, one membership gets you access to it all. Though, non-exclusive and haphazard throughout, the sites are creative and will keep you busy for a while.

Rating 5.9 Average
Monthly $29.95
Category Art Porn

HD video options

H264: 856x480 @ 1.4Mbps
WMV: 856x480 @ 1.3Mbps
H264: 720x480 @ 1.0Mbps
WMV: 640x480 @ 1.8Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 683x1024
JPG: 1024x577 screenshot

Strong points

Unique love-making style and instruction, bonus network

Weak points

No HD video specs, layout/nav, few scenes so far, letterbox video
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