Date added: 03/05/2009

Erotic Wifes Review

Full Review by Jasin

Erotic Wifes plays on the reality theme that all these girls are married, and therefore it's sneaky and fun that they are fucking and sucking behind their husbands backs! But the site also implies Wife meaning mature or MILFy type women, however this site seems to be more of a mixture of age ranges. Still, hot hardcore is hot hardcore!
Erotic Wifes
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Similar to other sites in this program, videos are available in full length only, but in a few options. You get WMV HD and medium size, a small H264 version and a tiny ipod mpeg4 version. You can stream them as well, which is a nice option on this site. As the scenes get more aggressive with more motion, the pixelation appears. Still all the videos look pretty good, and with multiple options, you're sure to find the right one for your system.

Unfortunately, there is only a few actual Milf-y looking woman that have hd content, but for the most part the non-hd sets are very mature and plentiful. Should definitely be the other way around though. Furthermore, there are actual teen aged scenes mixed in with all the content.

You can totally tell all the content for this site was thrown together from different sources, slapped with a shiny new HD tour and repackaged for you to buy.

Another problem here is that there are no matching photo sets that go with the high def videos and vise versa. Only screenshots accompany the videos, and no video corresponding with the mass amounts of photo galleries. Kinda seems like they pulled random 'wife' looking content together to make this site. The entire collection is hit or miss.

Rating 5.1 Average
Monthly $34.95
Category Mature/MILF

HD video options

WMV: 1280x720 @ 5.8Mbps
WMV: 852x480 @ 3.8Mbps
H264: 368x208 @ 0.4Mbps
MP4: 320x240 @ 0.5Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 1600x1067
JPG: 1240x843
JPG: 1440x810 screencap

Strong points

Lots of variety, multiple formats, quality HD videos

Weak points

Mixed quality throughout, not really milf oriented, mixed exclusivity
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