Date added: 09/22/2013

Fellucia Blow Review

Full Review by Ric

Fellucia Blow sucks cock! As good as that sounds, it gets better because the head being given here is done in such a sexy and passionate way, you'll think this is something regular girls love doing for their beaus.
Fellucia Blow
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Each scene is basically Fellucia on her knees and a hard cock in her face. She teases and licks the head, strokes it while her lips suckle softly. All the while looking up at her man as she licks up and down the shaft, often plopping his balls in her mouth with a slight smirk on her face. Each scene is only 5-8 minutes long but the cock sucking style is very enjoyable to watch. All natural audio is replaced with light music for the backdrop.

It's a sensual suck job and goes from teasing, toying and playing to the stroke method to get him off hard! While he gets ready to cum, she positions her tongue right near his cock head allowing him to shoot sperm right down the hatch. And Fellucia often savors the taste before the big gulp – no cum dodging here! Overall it's a pretty good blow-job, and Fellucia certainly knows what she's doing. Also, a few scenes include a pretty brunette friend to mix things up.

This is one basic site, and is pretty much set up as a feeder type entry in the Porn Nerd Network which you gain access too. Video pages have a single preview image, with wmv and h.264 video links following along with the scenes length. No in-browser streaming options, no descriptions and no dates – it's doesn't look like the site is even updating anymore. Screenshot photo galleries match the videos but are in a different section.

On the whole, the PN network deals with old, amateur porn. Most of the 30 included sites have a dated look to the content, like they were ripped from the VHS era of pornos. You'll be thinking you stepped into a time machine while browsing deep into this archive. And most of the sites have little to no profiles, are no longer updating and contain below dvd video resolutions.

Still, the reason we chose to look into Fellucia Blow is for the sexy blowjobs, which the site delivers, and manages 1080p HD for the videos too. Though short, these blowjob scenes break the network's mold offering high quality video. With a fleshed out members area and proper updating, could stand on its own.

Rating 6.0 Average
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Category Blowjobs

HD video options

H264: 1920x1080 @ 3.5Mbps
WMV: 1280x720 @ 6.0Mbps

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Strong points

Sexy blowjobs, 1080 video, odd network

Weak points

Very few core scenes, bandwidth limit, short scenes, no streams, basic site, updating
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