Date added: 10/18/2016

Female Fake Taxi Review

Full Review by Jasin

So you’re interested in seeing feisty cab drivers that happen to be women – that also won’t take ‘no’ for answer when it comes to sexing up their fares, eh? Well Female Fake Taxi may have just what you’re looking for!
Female Fake Taxi
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The scenes here are in true reality porno style where a lone dude happens to get into a taxi cab that is driven by a hot chick. It’s a pseudo style that has gained popularity recently, so you just gotta go with it. But the driver-girl and male fare play into their roles with deep need in helping each other out.

This could mean the guy is down on his luck in the middle of nowhere, and somehow manages to flag down a passing taxi to plea his case for a free ride. Or it could be a straight up normal taxi ride where flirts and sexual tension is apparent and in need of getting taken care of. Either way, the female driver gets what she wants from the passenger!

The best thing is, the whole cab is outfitted with HD cameras at ever angle imaginable. Plus, the horny cabbie sometimes explains the need for so many hidden or set up cameras as a security feature, to thwart all those rough and tumble creeps out there that wanna fook. Never mind the hot sex that she is about to capture herself!

After pleasant chit-chat, and part of a ride in the back of the cab, either the horny driver requests something extra, or the traveler instigates a more close and personal arrangement in the backseat. However it goes down, the couple ends up fucking, while the clear as day HD cameras capture the whole tryst!

And it’s all hot fucking, and you get everything from hot kisses to cock sucking and pussy eating oral sex foreplay – to more deep penetrating pussy moments of cowgirl riding as they stretch out in the backseat bench! The girls spread wide and let that cock pound their pussies, often arranging themselves in whatever positions they can in the car!

All of this rowdy car-sex leads up to the cumshot finale moment, which could be either a pull out cum spray, an internal creampie or a facial splatter delight! The scenes are varied with positions, techniques and chosen angles to display all the backseat naughtiness going down! Plus, several scenes are girl-girl oriented with lesbian hardcore shared in the cab!

All content is set up for instant streaming video delivery in a bandwidth-selectable player. The videos look good and all content is setup for downloading in mobile through 720p and FHD 1080p resolutions, no photos area available at this time though. Further, there are handy subtitles where needed too.

The content is quality sourced and the scenes play into the real world fuckship style that we need. The girl is certainly a horny bitch that gets what she wants, whether it’s it’s hard cock or pussy – we’re just happy watching!

Rating 8.6 Wow
Monthly $29.99
Category Reality

HD video options

H264: 1920x1080 @ 6.1Mbps
H264: 1280x720 @ 4.0Mbps
H264: 852x480 @ 2.7Mbps

Strong points

Good hidden-cam hardcore, hot women, 1080 video, quality streams

Weak points

No photos, no bonuses
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