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Female Muscle Network Review

Full Review by Jasin

Female Muscle Network is built on the fact that muscular women are not only strong, but beautiful to look at. The female body builder outlook is certainly unique and requires a renewed set of eyes for admiration.
Female Muscle Network
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Basically, you have to rethink every usual stance you enjoy about the female body. Here at FMN, the women are beyond toned, where each muscle is worked hard, bulked and pumped to its definitive shape. The bodybuilder women are here to show off their hard work with a splash of sexuality in the form of nudity and tease.

The network consists of several sites devoted to body building girls – all with a theme and amateur style of sex involved. At the base of it all is She Muscle, where weight lifters display their accomplished bods with flexing and strip tease antics. Dirty Muscle goes deeper with masturbation technique, as the strong-girls get off with sextoys and object insertions. Female Muscle Pornstars takes it further with full on hardcore with the built women – there's even a Muscle Lesbian sub-group!

Also adding more hard-body attention, there's sites like the vagina centric, My Big Clit and Muscle Cougars, for the mature class. Network wide, a lot of the content is just showing off, where big biceps, flat abs and killer vascularity is just the start! Many scenes take us through total flexing, muscle caressing and body positioning. Often as part of a workout, we see the girls literally building their muscles before our eyes – and all with the dirty talk and power you can imagine.

All content here is available in streaming video form only – there are no downloads at this time. Further, the streams are playable only through an embedded player at 540p, though there is a bandwidth selection for HD. The videos follow the amateur theme with direct handhelds, and usually fall under 10minutes in length – but still vary in quality throughout. Each model also has several low-res photo galleries available along with the videos, divided network wide.

The whole members area is interlinked with all the different sites, however it's still hard to find specific content, types and girls. The vast keyword tagging and category linking is confusing, where even general muscle groups are linked – ignoring the fact that every single girl has them.

However, even with all these restrictions on the content, this variety of muscle-woman sexuality and fetish is like nothing you've ever seen before! These tough girls are seriously chiseled with a mix of masculinity and femininity throughout – it's hard to look away.

Rating 8.0 Cool
Monthly $13.95
Category FetishNetwork

HD video options

Streaming Video: 960x540

HD photo options

JPG: 1000x667

Strong points

Muscle girl variety, large collection, multiple site access, unique women

Weak points

Only 540p streams, short clips, layout/nav/tags, no photo zips
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