Date added: 03/28/2016

FHUTA Review

Full Review by Jasin

F.H.U.T.A. is the neat acronym for a very dirty method for hardcore, which is known collectively as butt stuff. If you are still guessing, it's Fuck Her Up The Ass, which is all anal sex all the time from amateur to pornstar to everything in between!
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Sometimes you just gotta have anal porn. It's like a weird feeling you get when you've fapped to regular vag-sex for a few weeks and you want something more. You need something different – where the slut is taken to the next level! Yep, that's when you gotta see ass fucking.

However keep in mind, this is the grab bag of anal porn, where they've pulled in non exclusive ass-sex scenes from all over the fucking place for this collection. This butt load of anal porn isn't going to win any awards, but the assortment is plentiful and it may as well be your stop for a variety of anal love you desire.

When you gotta see tight puckers spread and stretched by cock, this can be your go-to bum site. It's loaded with all kinds of rear action, with a bit of everything from the petite russian girls, to the euro sluts to the talented pornstars that live for cock in their hot bottom ends! If she takes it up the ass, it's likely a part of this collection, or will be.

What's also great is their is a lot of interracial anal stuff included. And when you go anal against the BBC, you know sphincters will pay the price with pain! Anal porn is always a bit extreme where the girls are rocked with cock in an exit-only hole, but when you drop black dongs into the equation?! Good luck girls.

Further the whole members area is mobile device driven where quality is basically thrown out the window and onto a smartphone – where they think you will be watching all this butt stuffing. The handy side menu pops out with network wide categories, videos and bonuses for easily touchable options.

Each video has a small streaming options with downloads clocking in at 360p and 720p HD. However, not all the content is HD based; also, no photos here, bub.

The members area is easy to work and everything is clickable with a bonus site included, maybe. Overall, this is kinda all the ass fucking you'll ever need, and likely a lot that you've already seen before – all in one place! Enjoy.

Rating 6.7 Meh
Monthly $29.95
Category Anal

HD video options

H264: 1280x720 @ 2.5Mbps
H264: 640x360 @ 1.2Mbps

Strong points

Anal variety, easy layout/nav, bonus

Weak points

Non exclusive content, mixed low quality, no photos, bandwidth limits, ads
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