Date added: 10/07/2016

Fitness Rooms Review

Full Review by Jasin

The fitness boom is still alive as hot girls from all over the place are getting in shape and showing off their tight bods! Fitness Rooms is here to deliver all that goodness and more when horny pussy needs cock in mid-workout position!
Fitness Rooms
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The scenes are straight out of hot workout chick fantasy land – where you get to sit in on exercise sessions that always turn naughty! These are usually one-on-one personal trainer style events, where we get in on the private time. The Euro girls are looking great in yoga pants, small tops or less for their stretch warmups.

Following the yoga format, there is breath control, deep stretches and plenty of massage work involved as the scenes get going. It’s sensual and horny ate the same time, as the trainer fella has his way with wandering hands in all the erogenous zones he can manage as the workout intensifies. Usually moving towards finger fucking, ass-cheek spread tonguing and finally oral sex on the mat!

Each scene has its own flow and depending on what the girls can do, the scenes incorporate all kinds of poses and aerobic style moves into the physical activity. The trainer nails these girls in downward dog pose, while she switches to a modified spread eagle for deep dick penetration for total pleasure!

This is hot sex for sure with couples that fuck hard till the cum splatters on worked up skin after incredible pull-outs! Plus, there are girl-only lesbian sex sessions included for total wet-tongue workouts and pelvis grinds galore! A few scenes also get into group workout intros that excite in more ways than one.

All content here is set up for streaming options with a multi-bandwidth selectable player for instant online playback from any device. Downloads are set with mobile through 720p and 1080p HD resolutions for saving, and each scene also has a matching photo gallery to enjoy. A drop down description details the scene with tagged categories linked up.

Overall, the collection hits the mark for fit-girl hardcore with a touch of sensuality. The real world settings with attention to detail clothing sets like left-on leg warmers, tennis shoes and tank tops really breaks a sweat for hot hardcore moments! They just need more updates now – enjoy!

Rating 8.6 Wow
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Strong points

Hot fitness-chick hardcore, 1080 video, quality streams

Weak points

Few scenes so far, no bonus options
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