Date added: 09/23/2012

FUBiLOV Review

Full Review by Jasin

The nefariously titled FUBiLOV, or 'Fuck U Bitch, I Leaked Our Video' plays into the style of the now broken up amateur girlfriend/boyfriend couple and their sex tapes. Sure, we all make those cutesy nude vids with our GFs, or set up a cam while we bang, you know for prosperity – but the action here is somewhat contrived.
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The out in the open sex videos focus around sexy 18+ to college aged girls and their sexual adventures caught on tape. For the most part it's self-shot, amateur home-video style, where that hard-to-focus point and shoot camera delivers only shaky cam looking bumpy video. So, a lot of scenes have that Cloverfield look where you see sexy naked girls but at the same time you are feeling seasick.

Still, the scenes are fun and put you into the fantasy of random sex acts performed by young women with loose inhibitions. The couple based sex scenes are horny and give us that real-world feel, where the guy is just trying to get a quick fap movie of his then girlfriend to strip or blow him. So, you see a lot of POV shot scenes where the guy fucks his girl and holds the camera with one hand. Often pulling new moves like cumming on her panties or getting a handjob in the car.

The solo girl stuff is good too, but just seems so staged. Most girls take time to master their own cameras let alone a random smart phone with non-portrait movie mode. Perhaps, the fumbling is part of the fun, and just watching a new next-door type girl nude on camera makes it all work. Plus, there are photo galleries with different poses of each girl – most self shot nudes or posing in cute outfits, yoga pants and such. I truly expected to see more duck faces, though.

Videos are available in a large streaming video player with a high and low bandwidth setting, which both kinda look the same. Downloads also come in high and low h.264, but the resolutions top out at an odd 860x480. Clearly not our typical HD spec video, and further some scenes are non-widescreen and letter-boxed. Still, the videos look good for their compression rates, and are all mobile ready.

Overall, FUBiLOV is reality and fantasy driven. There are some great scenes here to be had and the site is tag categorized nicely so you can easily find what you like. The young women available here are certainly fresh in their sexual activities, never mind the occasional recognizable porn girl in the mix.

Rating 6.8 Meh
Monthly $27.95
Category Voyeur

HD video options

H264: 860x480 @ 3.4Mbps
H264: 640x360 @ 0.9Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 950x710
JPG: 960x630
JPG: 640x480

Strong points

Good reality GF variety, hot girls, decent sized collection, bonus sites

Weak points

No HD spec video, mixed quality throughout
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