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Fucked Hard 18 Review

Full Review by Jasin

How hot is this: Sexy girls get naked and slicked up with oil on a massage table. Their soft skin is rubbed and massaged and groped, their entire body is touched front and back. Slippery inside and out pussies are fingered, hot handful breasts and grabbed and round asses are squeezed and spread.
Fucked Hard 18
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Then these hot and bothered girls get the fucking of their lives right there on the portable massage table! Well that is what Fucked Hard 18 is all about! They have a cool thing going on here. Starting with a hot oil massage, the girls are lubed up from head to toe in the slick stuff.

The horny masseur gets to rub his hands all over her body, grab her slick breasts and fondle her plump ass, sliding fingers down her crack. Massaging even her pussy lips and inner thighs, he preps her making her want cock. The girls spread their legs and easily slide around on cock as they are banged hard. There may be endless positions over that padded table and that ultra wet, oiled up pussy must feel like heaven to fuck!

Lots of great looking photos accompany each scene. They follow the action well, and a shiny naked girl on a massage table is definitely a sight to be seen! Actually, excellent production is seen throughout the site. Good camera close ups, lighting and perfect slick fucking hardcore. You can also stream the videos by part in both flv and wmv formats. After you take in all the good aspects of this solid site, it is even more disappointing that only the latest updates feature actual HD video here.

This site looks great, the photos look great, the girls are drop dead gorgeous and they are fucked good and hard as promised. The only problem is the video. For almost the entire collection, they do this weird odd frame size for the videos that fall into that almost high definition size, topping out at 1000x564. Only the newest updates have 720p HD spec video available, and some do get up beyond that too. And these scenes, I might add, look fantastic – the couples get into some great sex positions on the massage table that really make sexy young women shine.

Finally, seems to have lost its updating stride and is not regularly adding new attractive girls to their massage table sets. Still, and all-round excellent destination for massage table hardcore with some of the most lovely young women imaginable! Plus, now you gain access to the Porn Mastermind network for all-things hot girl hardcore, which makes everything all better with the world.

Rating 8.7 Wow
Monthly $29.81

HD video options

WMV: 1280x720 @ 3.0Mbps
WMV: 1000x564 @ 1.4Mbps
WMV: 640x480 @ 1.4Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 1024x679

Strong points

Awesome massage hardcore, really hot girls, layout/nav, lots of content

Weak points

Most scenes are not in HD, low quality photos, not regularly updated
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