Date added: 06/27/2009

Fucking Machines Review

Full Review by Ric

FM tour: Fucking Machines features kinky sex with hot naked girls that love hardcore machine fucking. At, smoking hot girls get fucked by robotic dicks and dildos on high tech machines and machines straight from the garage or even kitchen.
Fucking Machines
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As for videos you get two HD versions, in wmv and H264, a medium sized wmv version and finally a small MP4 option to choose from. All scenes are offered up in segments of the full scene for download. A nifty in-browser flash player streams the entire scene in h.264 and it's available in three bandwidths. This player can be resized to any dimension to fit your screen, and you can skip forward and back within the video on the fly. Very cool. Stick with the HD H.264 videos for download, they look great.

What's awesome about Fucking Machines is their creativity with the mechanical fucking devices. It's not all about strapping a dildo onto the end of a mixer motor. Some of these contraptions are fucking amazing. They have this clit licking machine, that basically has tongue like rubber material fixed onto what looks like a chain driven saw, sans blades. They position it right on the girl's clit so it licks up and down and all around that sensitive area. Looks awesome! There are a few dozen fuck devices in their collection that girl's can possibly choose from for their creamy cum scenes.

Another thing about the fucking machine scenes is they completely give the model a run for her money! Absolutely exhausting the girl after making her basically have an orgasm marathon session! They have a mixture of pornstars and amateur girls that get completely nailed by very merciless robots

Along with the machinery plugging away at their pussies and assholes, the girls use a combination of vibrators and dildos to give them an even more shocking orgasm! Some sessions include two models taking turns with their power tools in each others hot holes. What a thrill to watch!

Rating 9.3 Excellent
Monthly $49.99
Category Deep Insertions

HD video options

H264: 1280x720 @ 3.0Mbps
WMV: 1280x720 @ 3.5Mbps
WMV: 960x540 @ 2.8Mbps
H264: 640x360 @ 0.7Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 1200x800
JPG: 800x533

Strong points

Unique content, hot girls, lots of content, lots of video options, quality streaming video

Weak points

Somewhat low video bitrates, layout/nav
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