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Gloryhole Swallow Review

Full Review by Ric

Everyone's been to, or at least heard of the illustrious gloryhole at some point in their life. What basically goes down is random men stick their dicks through a hole in a partition separating two small booths or bathroom stalls. Then the girl on her knees on the other side sucks his anonymous cock and sometimes fucks through the waist-high hole in the wall.
Gloryhole Swallow
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What's different here, is there is a camera man in the partition with the girl. And what an absolutely kinky thing to be a part of! Gloryhole Swallow has taken the awesome thing that is the glory-hole a step further and tries to top out as many participants per session as possible. Each girl gets a few rounds in the booth and often sucks off several different guys.

The best thing about the whole thing is the girl takes the cum load in her mouth, then shows off said load to the camera, before swallowing it down – happily. No spit or swallow question about it.Some guys reach their hands in and feel up the girls, smack their ass and try to get their fingers into their panties.

A couple of girls do fuck through the hole, which must be awkward, yet exciting. The sneakiness of the entire thing adds to the attraction as the girls whisper with the cameraman about the guys and the loads. Afterwards, they further discuss the moments and excitement of the day outside.Video pages are setup with a detailed description of the girl and her stint in the Ghole.

Videos play in a good sized flash streaming video player in the center of screen, but you have to wait for buffering times if you want to jump ahead in the timeline. Downloads are in the form of 720p wmv and standard mp4/wmv options.

There is also a screenshot gallery below the media player with a popup style viewer, plus zip download options. The videos look great and put you in the box with the girl – inches from her hungry mouth sliding on hard cock.

Whether real or set up, the concept is brilliant and the girls have got to be some of the best cocksuckers in town! Most of the guys pop their loads within minutes of getting hard – however, I suppose the thrill of getting sucked off through a wall really sets them off. The amateur girls are eager and happy to swallow all the jizz they can get, often literally milking a guy and then turning around to start on another dick right away.

Some of the girls take 15-20 money shots in the mouth per session!Members can vote on their favorite girls and request which ones they want to return for more dick-in-hole action. And further, Gloryhole Swallow offers a live HD show from the booth that you can be a part of as a member. A great added feature since the collection is just getting started.

Overall, GHS is a one of a kind attraction. The avid girls really make it hot and horny – just taking down cumload after cumload and loving it. If you enjoy seeing a good girl swallowing her cum reward after a sneaky blowjob, you've certainly come to the right place.

Rating 9.3 Excellent
Monthly $29.95
Category Blowjobs

HD video options

WMV: 1280x720 @ 5.1Mbps
H264: 720x400 @ 2.0Mbps
WMV: 640x480 @ 2.0Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 1920x1080 screen

Strong points

Great gloryhole action, cute amateurs, good looking HD video, streaming vids, price

Weak points

Mixed quality throughout
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