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HD Love Review

Full Review by Ric

The first thing I want to say about HD Love site is welcome to the art-porn club, baby! HD Love is certainly a newcomer in this trending category – offering stylish sexy scenes that incorporate passion, glamour and love-making into hardcore porn.
HD Love
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The featured sex scenes are definitely arty, slow and sensual. Most scenes start off with the lovely young women in a solo session – stripping teasing and showering before she gets nailed. The couples take their time and enjoy each others bodies, escalating from deep kissing and groping to more hands on breast massaging and cock stroking maneuvers.

There are musical backdrops as the scenes get going setting a mood for calm sexual fun and pleasure. The music fades out when things get heated up so you can hear the girls moan as her pussy is eaten and fingered. Extra time is taken to properly warm up her pussy so he can just slide right in and start fucking. It's a great approach and shows off just how much of a euphoric state the young woman is put in as she is wholly seduced.

Care is taken with the videography and editing blending wide shots, rhythmic thrusting and close up wet penetration angles too. The sex scenes have a real fluidity and grace showing off deep throating, balls deep fucking and even anal sex – all towards a passionate release. As loving as these scenes are they always make sure to showcase the cumshot, whether it be an internal creampie, sticky facial or simple pulled out shot on soft skin!

There are also several threesome scenes with a couple girls sharing sucks and fucks with one cock and competing for the cumload facial finale. The lucky guy is generous with his tongue, fingers and dick as he delights both girls to orgasm. Plus, adding to the variety, is hot lesbian action as well, with experienced young women providing oral pleasure for one another in a very visually appealing manner. You'll see soft breast massaging, sweet kisses and deep pussy devouring like you've only dreamed about.

I liked the direct layout approach in the HDLove members area, where each update is showcased with high resolution preview images, a brief description and instant play streaming video previews. It's organized well, with easy menu options giving you high resolution photos, screen caps, and download options all in one place.

However, simplicity has it's drawbacks as there's no categories at all, and only a single download option at 1080p. Though, there is a 980x560 sized streaming video player available. The stream looks fantastic and offers a jump-to playlist option along with the ability to turn on the high bandwidth HD version for playback. However, the player doesn't resize to a native high definition size, and further, switching the HD button off and on during playback doesn't even affect the playback quality. The downloads are flawless!

Overall, HD Love hits the artporn mark hard – they deliver some fantastically erotic and sensual hardcore that is very thrilling to watch. The beautiful nude models bring their most demanding sexual desires and are met with total carnal satisfaction for all to see in pristine high definition video.

Rating 9.1 Excellent
Monthly $29.99
Category Art Porn

HD video options

H264: 1920x1080 @ 9.5Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 1920x1080

Strong points

Great sexy hardcore, hot girls, 1080 video, streaming video

Weak points

Single video option, no category breakdown
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