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Helpless Teens Review

Full Review by Jasin

Helpless Teens kinda takes that 'bad' fantasy you know some girls have an puts it all out on the table for thrill seekers to enjoy. But as realistic and aggressive as the scenes play out, it's all done in the name of entertainment, of course.
Helpless Teens
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This is reality driven to the core and the scenes play into a whole elaborate setup that really forces the theme hard – the theme that shall remain nameless. For starters, just picture a scene like this: A naive 18+ young woman finds herself in need of a ride, whether she's stranded, needs help or is running away, etc – the plot is simple and she enters a stranger's van that happens to be loaded with hidden cams.

But this pick up guy is no savior, he has ulterior motives and sweet talks his way up to a point to get the girls comfy, even though this is a somewhat conspicuous van. After a bit of driving he makes the girls touch his cock in a form of payback for the ride, and while they reach for his piece, he ninja-like binds their hands with rope, forcing a deep throat blowjob at the same time!

This is just the start though, and the mean stranger takes the bound girls into the back of the van for hard pounding mayhem. The girls are bound and often gagged for the whole event and get thrown around into multiple sex positions in the van. She gets yelled at, choked, slapped, spit on, forced to cum and aggressively dicked over by this dude – who pretty much makes each girl his sex play thing for the afternoon. All the way up to wherever he wants to unload his nut!

Each scene is a bit different and adds variety to how the girls are taken and worked over. Plus, most scenes have a before/after interview of sorts showing this is all just roleplaying fantasy fun, which is cool.

And, as part of the Fetish Network, you gain access to all kinds of BDSM and fetish driven hardcore porn. All following the same chaotic style of video delivery with streaming video options set up in multiple bandwidths for online playback, and downloads clocking in at mobile to 540p and 1080p HD resolutions available. Each video also has an accompanying screenshot gallery to see.

Overall, is certainly unique in its execution of a very hot fantasy many have. They have pretty much taken the rope bondage, role playing style out of the dungeon and on the road with a realistic set up. All the players involved deliver fantastic performances that blend the aggressive hardcore with several fetish styles – all of which makes for a must see genre of perversion.

Rating 8.5 Great
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Strong points

Great theme and fetish, 1080 video, quality streams, bonus network

Weak points

Layout/nav, no updating, pricing
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