Date added: 05/05/2017

Hot Gold Review

Full Review by Ric

Let me guess, you probably didn’t know there was such a thing as Portuguese porn, eh? Well The Hot Gold collection seems to be pretty much devoted to every style of porn that’s ever been created in Portugal!
Hot Gold
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The scenes here are broken up from exclusive Portugal produced porn-DVDs – with all kinds of styles to choose from. The featured girls are hot and the hardcore goes from mild to wild to wilder on every turn!

There is certainly lots of variety, with an ‘everything-category’ approach to select from. You can get engulfed in the usual porn ideas of anal, big tits, mature and interracial – or go deeper into bisex, orgy-party, fisting, masks, and even pale-skin.

Each scene is unique and the Portuguese young women work hard to please big cock, with pure-slut skills they seem to be born with! From cock sucking, spread pussy eating/fingering and deep pussy pounding magic, plus ass stuffing too – this is a true winner in the hard content department.

However, when it comes to quality in terms of video, the site kinda disappoints. Aside from the fixed bandwidth online streaming player, there is not-so great quality for the downloads. Most of the porn assortment catalog available is only set at 1080p resolution to save, with a few other sizes and even 4:3 rez mixed in too.

But the FHD vids are compressed poorly with that choppy pixelation that is pretty much unacceptable in this day and age. Further, some newer scenes do have photo galleries available per the vid, but for the most part these are dvd styled videos with screencaps at best for still viewing

Overall the Portugal based porn selection they have available here is excellent. The models are incredible, the sex is on point and the site offers a bit of pretty much every genre of porn you could want – but those low quality downloads… ugh!

Rating 8.5 Great
Monthly $17.47
Category Hardcore Euro

HD video options

H264: 1920x1080 @ 3Mbps
H264: 1280x720 @ 1Mbps
H264: 1024x576 @ 2Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 5184x3456
JPG: 675x450

Strong points

Hot Portuguese hardcore, lots of content, some network access

Weak points

Poor vid download quality, mixed overall quality
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