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How 2 Fuck Review

Full Review by Marcus

How 2 Fuck needs no lengthy introduction, it’s sexy hardcore with literally a twist of added instructions for every scene. Most people figure out how to do the horizontal tango on their own, but maybe you want to know specifics?
How 2 Fuck
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The content here is hardcore in nature but all fitting into a lesson plan for sexy time. It’s playful for sure but they definitely get into a tutorial style setup on what to do and what not to do for hiding the salami, so to speak.

The lessons all range from just fucking to love making, to some more creative ideas and techniques too – but it’s all done with a voice over telling us the finer points of what is going on to assist in the visuals. Some of the scenes include how to seduce, and escalate from playful fun kisses, to arousal, to total satisfaction for your woman.

The voice-over guy also kinda explains what the positions do, where to touch/rub and what the girls are maybe feeling, or how what he is doing affects them sexually. Definitely some in-depth explanations here and the scenes go from mild to wild with good details and good sex for most of the updates, with anal varieties too.

However, the collection here is limited, as it is definitely a new site. The girls featured here are certainly in the amateur grade of hotness and the same guy is the sex mentor and stunt-cock in all the scenes.

Further the site is restricted in more ways, as the content is only available in the streaming video delivery method, without downloads. Still, the content is served up fast, has an HD quality button, and you can easily scrub the timeline as you wish. Few scenes make up the whole member area, which may be the main problem here all together though.

Overall, the premise here is cool and there is serious information and how-to details for every scene, that goes along with a hardcore fucking good time. The idea behind this is somewhat unique and the producers seem to really be determined for you to learn how pleasuring your partner can come natural. Check it out!

Rating 7.1 Okay
Monthly $29.95
Category Amateur

HD video options

Streaming Video: 960x540

Strong points

Cool fuck lessons, hot amateurs, quality streams

Weak points

Few scenes so far, no download options, basic site
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