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Hustler HD Review

Full Review by Ric

The way I see it, the Hustler brand is one of the all the time pioneers for pure smut. From the iconic magazine to its online presence, it has brought a unique style of hardcore porn to the masses! With a packed archive of wistful fap memories from the good 'ol days to a total high quality, HD experience online, HustlerHD continues to bring it!
Hustler HD
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Hustler HD seems to be the network portal for all the reality driven sites under the brand's umbrella, since all the new stuff is shot in HD. All the themed sites are separated into their own areas, so you can browse the specific content, like say Anal Hookers for total butt-sex. The layout is organized in a complete breakdown of every porn category, rating, action and most viewed spec system. So in theory, you can find the content you want quickly and in high definition.

However, for the most part all the scenes, sites and content kind of blend together, and the order is lost and becomes one awesome all you can eat porn-buffet. There are no boundaries – it's open season and pussy is back on the menu, big time! It's all good though and Hustler is certainly reaching a wide audience having all these speciality sub-sites and categories available, like the interracial based Hustlaz. It just gets annoying when you're trying to stay in a particular area.

The fuck scenes have always been a bit amateur driven with that standard-porn reality base – it's like they put you in the moment that anyone hung like a horse can be fucking these wet pussies. It's raw and brings a certain down-home-whore feeling while you watch these porn sluts get nailed. Or maybe, just hard to describe, as I sit here flipping through the pages of Hometown Girls and Muchas Latinas.

In addition to the new HD standard-hardcore pornstar stuff, Hustler includes all the the older content from the archives. This is still very thrilling to watch, as the videos have a bit more depth and story involved. The 18+ hardcore from the Barely Legal series and Beaver Hunt absolutely put you in a state of mind for dirty-stories from the voice-over slut narrator getting pounded. The archive scenes are heavy in the nostalgia with a classic authentic old-timey look direct from the vcr, cheesy bow-chicka-bow music and no-rehearse script acting.

Only for the last few years have they added in high definition video to the collection, and with that a good looking streaming video player for instant viewing. There are a couple bandwidth options that resize the video in a 960x540 player, and each allow quick timeline scrubbing. Downloads are served up in multiple h264 and wmv formats from mobile to 720p HD, though all need a bump in bit-rates. Archived videos top out at DVD quality resolutions.

Amongst all the hardcore porn video mayhem, there are also photo galleries for online view and zip downloading. However, for a porn-brand that broke ground in the magazine business, they sure do skimp on the images. Though well shot and glamour based, galleries are made up of a dozen pics or so with low-res online viewing.

Overall, Hustler is a remarkable brand for everything hardcore porn. It has certainly become a staple for adult entertainment over the years from dirty mag to internet delivery. Limitations and quality aside, there is a distinction to the Hustler brand that you know you just can't get enough of!

Rating 8.5 Great
Monthly $34.95
Category Network

HD video options

WMV: 1280x720 @ 3.0Mbps
H264: 960x540 @ 1.4Mbps
WMV: 720x480 @ 1.2Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 1500x1000

Strong points

Hustler hardcore variety, large collection, bonus sites access

Weak points

Somewhat low HD bitrates, mixed low quality throughout, layout/nav, pricing
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