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Innocent High Review

Full Review by Jasin

Getting fucked is easy when you're eighteen years old and these girls know how to get in trouble with the teachers to get what they want! Innocent High plays into the sex fantasy that almost everyone has had in their perverted minds.
Innocent High
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School day crushes are one thing, but to have a professor pin you up against the whiteboard and fuck your brains out is another! This is the idea for the horny students that are naughty and nice depending on what they are trying to get away with after class. The mature teachers are often in charge setting up the scene's seduction – that's not to say the pretty girls aren't doing their part too though.

I must say, these are some hot school-based reality porn scenes! All acted out in classroom settings, they really play well into the fantasy with classic uniforms – just a bit more slutty looking. Starting out slow with flirting and teasing, some one usually makes a move and they begin with oral sex on the teachers desk. From deep luscious pussy eating to reaching for the teachers cock to suck, the scenes get heated quick!

Before you know it, multiple position fucking ensues and the girls are rocked on the desks or in the locker rooms – and often with just the young woman's skirt hiked up for quick access. The teen pussy is plugged by big cock and she seems to enjoy being taken by the authoritative rod deep inside her! Cum shots coat the teen's lips and faces, as the naughty hookup come to a hard-orgasm finish! She straightens her mini skirt and he adjusts his tie, as the afternoon romp of forbidden classroom-sex comes to a close.

Downloads come in an array of options and formats to choose from with full length and segmented clips. The newest updates are available in HD 1080p, 720p and 540p in h.264 and wmv formats, along with several low-end/mobile versions too. There is also a multi-bandwidth streaming player with an embedded version and a pop out native-hd 720p streaming player to view online. All videos have a matching low-res photo and screenshot gallery as well.

What really makes Innocent High work is the attention put into the settings, with backdrops that keep the fantasy alive – like chalkboard reminders about handing in homework. Just the idea about watching the hot girls fuck with the teachers is horny, and the girls selected here pull off the cutesy flirts and dirty talk perfectly with their older mentors.

Plus, with membership you gain access to the whole Team Skeet network of reality driven 18+ hardcore porn. So there is a lot of fresh pussy hardcore to go around with more clever themes and hot girls to experience. Check it out!

Rating 8.7 Wow
Monthly $17.87
Category Old/YoungReality

HD video options

H264: 1920x1080 @ 9.5Mbps
WMV: 1280x720 @ 6.3Mbps
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Strong points

Hot fantasy 18+ hardcore, some 1080 video, large collection, bonus, initial price

Weak points

Not all scenes are HD, low quality photos, ads throughout
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