Date added: 08/30/2011

Just Nips Review

Full Review by Jasin

Just Nips has its main priority on nipples and the variety that comes with every girl. Sweet breasts and nipples come in all different shapes and sizes with almost endless combinations to be admired. And it's just your luck that has quite the assortment available to you all in one place!
Just Nips
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All types of amateur girls take the focus here and the variety of it all is what makes this site work. You'll see anything from college cuties to goth, to bbw, Latina, pregnant and milfs – the collection diversity is staggering! You can find awesome puffy nipples that always look like they are begging to be tugged, tiny tits with small, almost invisible nipples, huge breasts with pancake style nips – and pretty much everything in between!

The videos are fun and showcase the amateurs in all their unique nipple glory! As low budget as it gets, each model is taped in front of a cloth backdrop stage where she teases and strips playing with her boobs and pinching her nipples. For the most part, this is all somewhat softcore content where the girls are merely showing off their breasts in various poses and positions. Though, some girls do full pussy spreads and sex-toy masturbation for the cameras.

Each girl has multiple video clips for download – and stream, if you can get their odd browser plugin to work. Small screenshot preview images identify each scene that is around five minutes in length. Random scenes have high definition versions at 720p h.264 in a combined video clip movie. Most of the collection is a lower bandwidth size at 720x404, which curiously, do not have full length options. The videos look good though and are of high quality – but all have somewhat annoying musical tracks in place of natural audio.

Further, each video update has a short description and links to matching photo sets that really get in deep and show off the girl's naughty parts up close. In keeping with the nipple theme, the breasts get a lot of attention in the photo sets and are often suckled, pumped and squeezed with great looking clarity.

A big thing missing here is the ability for members to sort and search out their favorite type of nipples, and type of girl, for that matter. I mean seriously, a collection of real next-door-type girls based solely on their very different breasts and nipples and there is no category breakdown for such? My mind is boggled. However, they do 'explain' this in the site's faq – stating, that would ruin the 'fun' of exploring all the different nipples you don't know you like. Give me a break. is loaded with amateur girls and nipples and truly brings you some great content. They just make it real hard to find the types of girls and nipples you enjoy. And, hey I'm all for the random hunt and peck method, but having the option to narrow down exactly what I want on such a heavily niched porn site just makes too much sense here. You will be frustrated with the site's navigation for sure, but in nipple lover's heaven – which may be a fair trade.

Rating 7.7 Cool
Monthly $24.95
Category AmateurBoobs

HD video options

H264: 1280x720 @ 3.2Mbps
H264: 720x405 @ 0.6Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 1200x800

Strong points

Great nipple focused content, real amateurs, lots of content, good looking videos

Weak points

Navigation/layout, no search/categories, few HD videos, updates
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