Date added: 08/26/2016

Lubed Review

Full Review by Ric

What’s great about is that it’s slippery hardcore in the name of lube and the act of fucking all oiled up adds to the total sexual pleasure of the moment. It’s pretty much the ultimate euphemism for grease lightening.
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The scenes featured here revolve around petite young women that love getting fucked by big cock and very big-cock guys that love fucking small vagina. It’s all kinda perfect from the start, but then they added in the lube element. And by this we mean the overly lubed up fuck style that has been branded into

It’s quite crafty in it’s own right, where the gobs of lube does a sex scene good mentality comes into play. And I must admit, the sexy time certainly looks phenomenal with this new method of lube coated on every orifice involved. It’s slick, it’s slippery, and it proves that a petite girl can take on any sized cock, as long as there is enough lube involved!

To be honest, I’m happy to see these young women enjoying themselves with the big dicks they are paired up with, instead of aching in that pleasure/pain scenario of usual porn sets. But, these girls take the gooey lube slime and coat their bodies, pussies and cock about to enter them with the slickness! Then it’s all about getting it in and grinding to orgasm!

Each scene is unique with either a pool or bedroom for the setting. Then there is just all kinds of lube that coats everything. It’s on the girls, it’s on the guys, it’s inside, it’s outside – the sex is fueled by the lubricate that is everywhere. And it’s awesome to watch with cock-sucking to start and then spread pussy penetration, with POV views too! All of which leads to huge cum loads shot for facials and creampies alike!

Further, several scenes are threesome driven with amazing lesbian sex accompanying the hard cock in pussy fucking moments. Both girls are lubed up, as well as their shared cock, and they all just go together for amazing deep penetration intercourse. Often one girl helps her friend get fucked while sharing kisses, then they switch positions for more tight pussy stretching hotness!

The scenes are set up for instant online streaming playback from your browser or mobile device with ease. And each scene has multiple download options from mobile through 1080p FHD and 2160p 4K versions as well. Plus, each scene clocks in at 60fps for that smooth lubricated fuck style that is totally unmatched!

Photo sets and screen grabs also accompany each video scene – along with a trailer and member favorite options, which round out the video pages. There isn’t much in terms of categorizing other than the most popular scene rating action and a search function.

Still, the selection of silky petite pornstar + highly lubed up big cock thing kinda just works! They have taken the POV style and added in copious amounts of lube to the equation for petite girl hardcore for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Rating 9.4 Excellent
Monthly $29.95
Category Hardcore

HD video options

H264: 4096x2160 @ 30Mbps
H264: 1920x1012 @ 17Mbps
H264: 852x450 @ 4Mbps
MPG1: 852x450 @ 6Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 1500x1125

Strong points

Amazing lubed hardcore, 1080, 4K and 60fps vids, good sized collection, quality streams

Weak points

Categorizing, ads throughout, some odd sized vids
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