Date added: 05/22/2015

Magma Film Review

Full Review by Ric

Magma Film does a few things really well in terms of smutty hardcore porn online. Plus, they have quite the unique set of porn whores with a heavy presence exclusively from Europe and Germany for you to indulge in.
Magma Film
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This is one unique brand of euro-porn, and the themes are as raunchy as you can imagine. The content has that gritty style that brings both amateur and high production together in one for a new look in horny hotness. There is a good variety of reality too, where the models act out easy to follow fantasies of sexy dreams and hard-fucking madness.

You'll need to keep that in mind, since none of the dialogue is subtitled from the original german language. Often the scenes start out innocently enough with common teasing and flirting that leads to blowjobs and pussy eating fun. But then quickly escalate into feverish fucking, where cock sluts take over with a voracious need to orgasm while their holes are mercilessly bottomed out!

Further, there many fetishes involved throughout the content available. You can see anything from gangbangs, femdom, anal pov, to bdsm, double penetration, strapon lesbian and voyeur sex scenes. And some updates have a combination of all of that in some form or another. Plus, the finale cum facials, swallowing, and creampie variations are all here too – and all categorized in a tag system for really finding whatever smut style you're a true fan of watching go down.

All content here is set up for online playback in a multi-bandwidth streaming video player with mobile to HD stream settings. The large player works well and does allow for timeline scrubbing if you have time to let things load up first.

The downloads go from 400p to an oddball size of 584p and finally reach perfect 1080p HD somehow. However, a lot of the content here tops out at widescreen dvd resolutions – depending on how deep into the archive you dive. Most scenes also have huge uncompressed photo galleries, which are a nice touch.

Aside from the somewhat off-size resolutions available, the main issue I've come across is this is a motherfucking slow ass site! Again, perhaps this is location based, but the members area seems buggy and slow and can get really frustrating to use when all you want to see is a euro babe stuffed with a big cock while she squirts into his face. Perhaps that's the trade-off you'll have to deal with to see some amazing German-hardcore porn direct from the filthy source.

Rating 8.7 Wow
Monthly $24.95
Category Hardcore Euro

HD video options

H264: 1920x1080 @ 6Mbps
H264: 1040x584 @ 3.5Mbps
H264: 720x404 @ 1-2Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 3744x5616

Strong points

Great euro hardcore, quality streams, some 1080 video, large collection

Weak points

Not all content is HD, mixed quality throughout, slow site
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