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Mano Job Review

Full Review by Jasin

The art of giving handjobs is often lost in this day and age on the interwebs. And the featured girls here at Mano Job have a style that's all their own when it comes to making a big one erupt with hot cum.
Mano Job
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First of all, everyone knows a good handjob comes with a certain level of dirty talk that heightens the experience. And let me tell you, these sluts know their craft well. Since this site is just devoted to jacking cock, the pretty whores have a way with words as they perform the stroking duties as if you're the one in the hot-seat.

Each scene is shot in the POV form, and the girls cater to the hard cock as if you are in the room with them! It's a seductive approach at getting you off, and each girl has a certain technique up her sleeve that she is eager to share. The young women handle the meat with care and get things started with their lusty sex-talk as they lube up their hands and start rhythmically yanking up and down.

Once full erection is achieved, the young women really get into their JO session. The main thing is, these girls have serious control with their jack-method – they are not here to suck cock, but merely stroke the cum from it in the most erotic way possible. Some slap the dick while gripping it, some do the double handed swirl method, some mix spit with the lube for added slippery strokes – it's all an exciting game of building up that nut for cum explosion history!

In fact, some girls get a bit more hands on with the situation and take breaks to spread and finger their horned up pussies. They are always naked at this point, and they love to show how wet their pussies get while they play with dick. It's a fun detour that shows the girls really like rubbing and fondling your hard on, which they display with frottage. When they get back in gear to the jerking hand job fun, the cum shots spray right in their faces and open mouths! Faces covered in hot white sperm is how each scene ends and it is so awesome to watch happen.

Video pages are setup with a large browser-sized responsive streaming player for watching the HJ scenes online. The player works well and allows for instant time line scrub action. The download menu below offers a variety of options from mobile to 1080p full HD videos for quick saving. Plus, you can get just the slowed down cumshot part or a post-handjob interview with the girl too. High-res photos also come each scene, detailing the hotness of each slut and her stroke methods.

Finally, with membership you are given access to Mr. POV, which features full on first-person hardcore goodness with many of the same models at hand. Overall, is one elaborate handie site; you just can't find this kind of hand-job love in the real world! With such attention to detail and skillful babes – every scene is absolutely enthralling to watch!

Rating 9.3 Excellent
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Strong points

Fantastic handjob scenes, hot girls, 1080 video, large collection, bonus site

Weak points

Low quality archive
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