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Meet My Sweet Review

Full Review by Ric

Basic Meet My Sweet premise breakdown: Boyfriend has girlfriend and brings her over to meet his parents. Upon meeting, the girl is then promptly seduced by the mature couple for a wild ride of young/old threesome MFF hardcore… Yes, really.
Meet My Sweet
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But the boyfriend isn't involved, cuz you know that would just be weird! The thing about this premise is, we basically have to deduce wtf is going on because the entire scene is in Russian. Also cleverly, the guy has some excuse to leave his newly prized girlfriend alone with his old 'parents' each time so they can get things on in his absence.

Each scene is explained in the descriptions, but there is a lot of dialogue between the couples and all often bring forth a complex scenario into it. Subtitled dialogue would make all the difference and really drive home the thick fantasy behind it all.

The whole thing is just raunchy enough to work though. The horny older couple makes no qualms about stripping down naked and fondling the pretty girls. As charming as their discussions sound, the entire time they are getting more and more naked and soon there after the girlfriend is sucking cock or eating pussy. Ma and pa get their jollies off and tag team the pretty girl until hot cum flows! Then only to have the oblivious boyfriend come home and catch them after the fact.

As a member you gain access to a couple of other bonus sites (like Rage Story) with similar reality themes all utilizing the same layout and media delivery. Streaming video is first and foremost available embedded in your browser for quick and easy playback, though low in quality. All downloads are offered up as full length 1080p HD in the wmv format and mid-sized divx/wmv and mobile versions as well.

Photo galleries follow each video update and capture the action nicely. Though joined into a network of sorts with several more similar sites, there isn't much by way of new updates. Still, overall, the concept is thrilling and the scenes are acted out well enough. The old/young threesome porn thing, with heavy fantasy and reality-porn drive is alive at!

Rating 6.6 Meh
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Strong points

Fun MFF reality theme, 1080 video, bonus sites

Weak points

Not regularly update, few core scenes so far, no video subtitles
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