Date added: 04/11/2015

Men On Edge Review

Full Review by Davis

Brought to you from the creative BDSM masters at Kink – I’d say these guys know a thing or two about rope bondage. The scenes go from mild to wild in the ways of S&M and intricate knots holding the masculine men down.
Men On Edge
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The constricted form is perfect for forced masturbation, everlasting blowjobs and complete teasing satisfaction where the bound men can only squirm at the pleasure inflicted on them. There is no off button – okay well maybe a safe word to be blurted out as a last resort, but for the most part these sexy built guys are here to be taken to the limit!

While they are tied up and helpless, there is a number of sexual activities performed. From merciless dildos built into fucking machines, to unending electro stimulation, to blowjobs harnessed in midair to a few butt fucking thrusts too.

Plus, you get that killer handjob and blowjob edging combinations too – the guys are no match to the fierce ejaculation building inside them.

Of course, the whole point is for them to hold off as long as possible, while their cocks are tickled with tongues and machinery with real edging mastery behind it all. They are literally hanging from the rafters in total shibari style rope knots as their nether bits are prodded and teased.

But when he cannot take it anymore, and starts to unleash his huge orgasm – woah nelly, the depraved dudes erupt with ropes of hot jizz flying through the air like icing being shot on cake! All that torture, erm, I mean teasing really lets this pent up sperm boil and

Videos are available in a bunch of options to fit every system and preference out there. First up is the streaming version with an embedded player or pop out resizable option where you can adjust the bandwidth for crystal clear playback.

Also, you get options for downloading in wmv or h264 formats with full length and segmented parts too. Resolutions start at mobile sizes and move up to 720p HD. Further, each scene has a matching photo gallery detailing the scene from interview start to finish. Plus, with membership, you gain access to Butt Machine Boys, furthering the collection with fucking machines that never stop!

Men On Edge certainly delivers some very unique gay content where both viewer and star get total pleasure from the scene. It’s just so fascinating to watch a totally helpless and sexy model worked over till he finally is allowed to ejaculate. The site works on multiple levels and should be experienced personally – as many scenes will get you going in more ways then one.

Rating 9.1 Excellent
Monthly $49.99
Category Gay Porn

HD video options

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Strong points

Hot men, creative bdsm masturbation, good looking videos

Weak points

Layout/nav, pricing
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