Date added: 09/11/2012

Missogyny Review

Full Review by Jasin

This is rope bondage/bdsm with a twist, and though it's not straight up lesbian hardcore sex, it's more of forced masturbation and stylized bdsm punishment-play done to the nth degree. Missogyny is lezdom – as they like to call it – and in this case, it's a unique brand featuring a dominant woman that has her way with a number of pretty lesbian sluts.
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The scenes are great and paint quite the visual of a hot bitch tied down and ready for action. They make these custom harnesses out of pvc pipes that anchor the girls to the table with their legs spread and ass popped up. Plus, her hands and feet are bound and her mouth is muzzled with a ball-gag making her completely helpless. The look is wild and instills a horny spark along with a chilled rush of fear.

Once the girl is tied up, Missogyny begins her rag-doll style play session. She will get things started with spanking or light flogging with leather tipped whips. Depending on the scene and the creativity involved, the mistress will control the situation with a number of tools and devices on her victims tender parts. Clothes pins on the nipples, mousetraps on fingertips, cellophane frogties, stocks – the list goes on, and each scene is original and horny.

Some scenes get into finger and sextoy fucking, as the girls are spread eagle and can't help but get wet and take it. Sometimes, the girls ass is fingered with a rubber glove on, sometimes another girl is in the mix too. Then, of course the forced masturbation ends the session, with magic-wand vibrators that do not stop for anything – till a merciless orgasm is reached, that is.

Videos are available in all h.264 options up to 1080p HD, with multiple low end versions that are made to easily stream too. The videos look good, though the transfers are bandwidth capped, so the big full length downloads seem to crawl in. Each scene has a photo gallery accompanying and matching the video with high resolution images that look fantastic and really detail the hard work put in by Missogyny and her crew.

As a new site, few scenes make up the collection so far. But with such attention to detail and high production all around, you can bet the upcoming additions will be well worth the wait. Plus, members get access to the entire Fetish Network of mixed bdsm and hardcore fetish based sites providing you with ton of content and keeping your blood boiling in the process.

Rating 7.6 Cool
Monthly $39.95
Category BDSMLesbian

HD video options

H264: 1920x1080 @ 3.1Mbps
H264: 960x540 @ 1.4Mbps
H264: 480x270 @ 0.7Mbps
H264: 320x180 @ 0.6Mbps

HD photo options

JPG: 1920x1080 screen

Strong points

Great lezdom scenes, quality sessions, 1080 video, multiple bonus sites

Weak points

Few scenes so far, bandwidth transfer limits, not regularly updated
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